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Yu Yuming as a "Standing" guest recalls the past of burns _ Yi Lijing


Original title: Yu Yuming as a "Standing" guest recalls the past of burns

Zhongxin.com, February 21st, from 8:00 on February 20th, the "Stand" broadcast interview program was broadcast by Yi Lijing. The first first guest of this program is Yu Yuming.

In the program, facing the spicy question of Yi Lijing, Yu Yuming was also eager to answer. He used the courage to face life and death to reveal previous scars and bombings.

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"Standing" was broadcast this time, and the concept of the program of "not overlapping blind, catering, not avoiding, not volatile" was not confirmed. In the first stage, Yi Lijing Yu Yuming invited to go to the hall "Experience" of the incredible recording studio. As he kept his last words, Yu Yuming thought for a long time who wrote "Experience bliss", hoping to realize the world of life.

During the experience, it was asked whether Yu Chongming was unexpectedly to return to the resettlement period accidentally burning. I've been to Nirvana today, Yu Yuming said he was because of his recovery, his father was reluctant to teach him to be a strong man. The real reality that Yu Yuming understands is to have a sense of responsibility, to comply with the promise, and to have the ability to cast the temper.

The accident 9 years ago, as well as causing 39% of Yu Yuming from burning the deep second degree of the skin, but also letting his love suddenly cease.

The experience of falling out of love after the injury directly affected Yu Yuming's concept of love, and it became difficult to "love innocently and uncontrollably." More obviously, inferiorly, wearing a mask everywhere, deliberately preventing their lover over the other sex, with a long-term emotional window, spending the impact of last love.

However, Yu Yuming also believes that nature is optimistic, and is still willing to believe in good things. He is more convinced that "there must be a person who can stimulate strong love yet." Certainly, this "death" experience is considered in the past of Yu Yuming's identity and thinking of the future.

At the end of the interview, he wrote again "keeping the soul" to show his understanding and to transform. (End)Go back to Sohu and see more

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