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Yanjiao, Zhangzhou down payment, reappeared the charges down in the rivers and lakes, down paying 80,000 to buy three homes – Finance News


On November 20, Zhangzhou construction site, Pengyu · Impression City, according to the sales staff, the real estate can be paid. Beijing News correspondent When Yichun

On November 21, a down payment ad and posted at the door of a real estate agent in Yanjiao. Beijing News correspondent When Yichun

Yanjiao, Zhangzhou down payment loans, re-appeared the charges down in the rivers and lakes, down paying 80,000 to buy three homes

With tightening the regulatory policies of the property market and the operation of New Deal, the "real estate speculation" in the Beijing area, led by Yanjiao, has chilled down. Over the last two years, due to the proximity to the Beijing capital, the Yanjiao and Zhangzhou areas in the Beijing-Beijing area have always been the first choice for real estate speculators and some housing. House prices have risen to 30,000 yuan per square meter.

Recently, the Beijing News reporter visited real estate and real estate agencies in Yanjiao and Zhangzhou, and found that the big intermediaries were cold. Mediator in Yanjiao told reporters that the current average price of Yanjiao should be between 16,000 yuan and 17,000 yuan. In order to attract buyers, real estate developers and interactors developed illegal measures such as "payment down" and "paying payment". Beijing News correspondent also found the phenomenon of paying down loans in Yanjiao. An intermediary company has even posted a drop-down leaflet.

News News correspondent said Emerald · Huafu, Longjitai and Platinum Yueshan have launched at least 80,000 yuan to pay for the down payment, a reduction of 80,000 yuan. The rest of the loan was paid by the real estate developer and the buyer was reorganized. Repayment.

Zhang Dawei, the main analyst of Real Estate Zhongyuan, said: "If the down payment is borrowed, once the price of the house varies, it is easy for buyers to break the supply."

As early as mid-2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and other departments announced the "Opinion on the Reinforcing of Media Management Media to Promote Healthy Development of the Industry", emphasizing that mediators provide housing loan agency services, and may not be Provides or co-operates with other organizations to provide loans to pay other payments and other illegal acts. Prohibition of financial products and services.

Down payment, high interest rate, high risk, home buyers: it's not too expensive to try

Recently, a News News correspondent visited Yanjiao and it was found that there was a figure of payment down in the local area. An intermediary company posted a leaflet on the door. Reporters of the media company told reporters that "the current interest (down payment) is 8%, which means that every 10,000 yuan needs to pay 800 yuan per annum, and the longest is 36 months. " When the correspondent asked if the bank When looking at the payment down, the member of staff replied: "We will finish it for you, you do not have to do it."

The loan can be understood down payments as called "loan" in the pay-down period to buyers through relevant organizations and in different subject loan and nomination topics, so that the Buyers who have insufficient capacity to pay for housing or need capital turnover to reach the mortgage loan payment ratio. In turn, he meets the requirements for bank mortgage loan lending and completes financial products for loan purchases.

As early as mid-2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and other departments announced the "Opinion on the Reinforcing of Media Management Media to Promote Healthy Development of the Industry", emphasizing that mediators provide housing loan agency services, and may not be Provides or co-operates with other organizations to provide loans to pay other payments and other illegal acts. Prohibition of financial products and services.

In response to the behavior of loans down payments, Guo Ren, director of the Department of Legal Affairs of Beijing Estate Finance, Beijing Yingke (Shanghai) said that the loans down are mainly loans that are not able to buy houses. Their overdraft is their own credit. "Why is this type of behavior excluded? Because the buyers will promptly stimulate, by default, and fail to repay the loan after the down payment or down payment. If there is a financial venture, these customers can not be lending to these customers. It's breaking relevant financial regulations. "

How do buyers think about the down payment? Wu Hua, who had the intention to buy a house, said he had never heard of the form of payment down, but if the money is not enough, he can accept a small proportion of the loan . "But the down payment is not incredible to try." Another Mr Yang, who recently bought a house, said: "If the down payment is not enough, but you're worried about buying a house, you may consider the method this. "

In addition, a lawyer told the lender that the design of illegal illegal transactions structure above was very complicated. The simple birthday benefit and benefit on the remaining headteacher is still based on the main full amount, treatment fee, and repayment of the headteacher and interested. It is possible to design a financial product with only 6-8% of the annual design as a product with a real interest rate of more than 36% per annum. The profit margins can be as high as 60% -80 through profits or lending of new loans. %, ultimately evolves financial finances; ordinary people can not properly calculate the financial rate of interest in financial products such as "financial staging", and finally they are deducted in lending private consumer loans, when they can not repay them in time, they may face serious telephone intrusions, personal threats, etc. The risk of legal rights.

Multiple Quzhou real estate can be a payment installment, advance developers are free 20%

In addition to the down payment, the biggest concern is the down payment. In Chenzhou, the area around Beijing, the down payment is very common, mainly for new properties.

It is said that Beijing and Zhangzhou have already passed the fast line. It takes only 25 minutes from the Beijing West Railway Station to the East Zhangzhou Railway Station. Therefore, Zhangzhou is also one of the relatively hot cities in the real estate market. Especially in mid-2017, after the limited sales in Zhangjiakou City (the newly bought houses in the city area can be listed for 3 years) and buy Yanjiao Xianghe and other places, Zhangzhou is more popular among investors.

At the moment, the Chenzhou City People's Government regulations "are restricting the purchase of one set of commercial houses (including second-hand housing) for non-residential homes in this city, and the payment ratio is not down less than 30%. "

When the Beijing News reporters visited some of the properties in Chenzhou City recently, many developers have been found to have launched slogans such as "buying down from 80,000" and "buying down 10% payments" to promote new properties, to attract customers, such as Pengyi · Edition Real estate can be used such as City, Jade, Huafu, Longjitai and Platinum Yueshan to be paid down.

The installment paid by the payment refers to paying part of the money at the time of order. The lower payment is paid by the developer temporarily, and the customer repay the loan within a fixed period of time by installment, which actually lends money to make payment down.

According to a seller of Bengyi · Impression City, if you want to buy a house, the customer can pay down at least 10%, and the remaining 20% ​​is the developer's free forecast. The customer can repay the loan six times in the next two years and to repay every four months. "As long as you pay the 10% payment, you can take the purchase contract to go to the bank to make the remaining 70% of the" loan. " The staff told reporters, "The installment does not have payments down restrictions on buying the house."

For example, in the case of a house with a total price of 1 million yuan, after paying 100,000 yuan, the remaining 200,000 payment will be repaid 33,300 yuan every four months, and will be repaid 3 times a year, with a total of 100,000 yuan per annum. If you need to repay the bank mortgage in the same period, there is no doubt that the pay-down period increases purchasing weight and buyer's repayment weight.

So is the installment of the installment illegally down payments? The correspondent found on the official website of the Hebei Urban Housing and Development Department, on 7 November, 2017, who sent the Notice on Housing Financing and Strengthening Anti-Face Work issued jointly by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development , The Bank of the People of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission. It is being banned for real estate development initiatives and real estate intermediaries to provide funding for paying down housing purchase. Real estate development and estate real estate enterprises may not make advance payments to buyers or take other forms such as down payments and install the payment down in hiding.

Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Real Estate Zhongyuan, told the Beijing News journalist, "if the period is gradually before going to the bank loan, then it is not illegal; if & # 39; The down payment is still in the step when going to the bank loan, then it's illegal. "

Guo Ren said: "If the payment is not complete, I will go to the bank to make a loan, which means that the payment down is not true. So, investor and lender must also break the regulations ".

Payback down from Pengyi · Printare City is not a case. It is also Zhangzhou real estate. The correspondent discovered through search visits and field visits that the buildings like Jade, Huafu, Longjitai and Platinum Yueshan were launching at least 80,000 yuan to buy a house. That is, the down payment is 80,000 yuan, and the remainder of the loan is paid by the real estate developer in an interest-free manner. The procedure is the same as the procedure mentioned above.

This type of operation adds to the payment down. For example, the total price of a three-bedroom three-bedroom three-bedroom apartment in Luzhou is about 1.5 million, and the usual down payment is 500,000. But in the end, it was only 80,000 to sign the house. It is equivalent to paying only 5% of the payment down.

Zhang Dawei said: "If the down payment is being lent, then once the price of the house varies, it is easy for buyers to break the supply."

More than one seller told reporters that the compensation abolished, even higher than the amount of each payment, will be higher, even higher than the amount of each payment; In the event of a failure, the money and the house may not be guaranteed.

However, when speaking to a developer, the reporter found that there are not many cases where the buyer uses the payment down in the installment. Most of the buyers pay down the payment in one lump sum. The developer said that the customer who has not come to the down payment failed. Event.

The sales personnel of the above real estate estates explained to the reporters, "This type of down payment is suitable for buyers who have inadequate initial payment, but they have a high pay and strong repayment ability . "

Jennifer International Law Office (Shanghai) Law Law, the reporter, said the reporters said that the downward payment in the phased period is more likely to result in conflicts between buyers and developers when housing prices are falling. According to the buyer should buy a series of 100 square meters for 20,000 yuan / square meters, the first payment is 600,000, then the first payment is 200,000, and the payment of 400,000 payments in installments, and the house fell soon to 15,000 yuan / square meters. The down payment almost "falls out", when the bank loan is definitely paid back, but the paying down buyers are still willing to pay? Recently, many properties have caused homeowners to make trouble because of falling house prices.

"If it is housing in the future, it will be even worse. If the house does not live, the price will be reduced. Not only will the money be owed to the bank , but also the money that is due to the developer. If you do not pay the money on time, you may still have money. " The situation is different, because even if they provide interest-free developments for the down payment, there is no loss. After all, the house bank loan has approved, that most of the house has got, enough for the company to use it, and even the cost you've got to recover.

Second-hand housing uses high-grade high-speed methods to reduce the payment

The downward payment is said to gradually include new homes, while the second hand houses use high-speed loans to reduce the payment. An experienced home buyer told reporters that this is already a "basic operation" of the real estate industry.

Graduated loans, for example, is that the appraisal appraisal appraisal of the second hand is at a price higher than the market price, and then goes on to the loan back this price. A house worth a value of 1 million market, if the estimated house price is 800,000 yuan, then the initial loan can be assessed at 70% of the price, which is 560,000 yuan, then & # 39; n The buyer must pay a down payment of 440,000 yuan. However, if the estimated price of the house is 1.2 million yuan, then the first loan can be lent 840,000 yuan, then the buyer must pay a payment down from just 160,000 yuan. According to industry experts, the adoption of this act is that the bank recognizes the appraisal price and appraisal agency.

Beijing News correspondent found at the inquiry that this approach is still very common in Chenzhou. The down payment is not enough. The mediator basically advises buyers to adopt such a way to operate the house.

Guo Ren said, "It's illegal to evaluate very high loans. China has a crime lending fraud on bank loans. In sense, this is a kind of fraudulent behavior."

Zhang Dawei told reporters that this approach was also illegal. "This situation is more common in small areas. Local banks do not have many businesses, and only businesses such as housing loans can make."

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Yanjiao Intermediary claims to be a fake social security sign, 100,000 yuan "transfer"

In June 2017, the Langfang Municipal Government announced the most stringent restriction purchase policy in history, and published a document setting out the conditions for "providing local social security payment certificates or tax payment certificates for three or more years".

Beijing News correspondent had a Beijing Guomao bus for 30 minutes and went to Yanjiao Town, Sanhe City, Hebei Province. The hospitals, schools and local shopping centers have complete facilities. Due to the special geographical location, the Yanjiao price has increased to around 30,000 yuan / square meter in 2016 and 2017. However, after the purchase limit was published, the Yanjiao property market increased, and prices fell housing through time. From the closing date of the correspondent, according to Anjuke real estate data, the average price of second-hand housing in Yanjiao in November 2018 was 18,537 yuan / square meters.

Under the purchase restriction, Beijing News's correspondent found that many real estate agents still use the "relationship found", "fake marriage", "homeowner's payment" and other methods of "drilling"; r gap ", so that customers without Yanjiao purchase qualifications have successfully transferred Yanjiao property.

Beijing News correspondent called a real estate agent in Yanjiao as a home buyer. He told reporters: "It's not a social security guarantee. We can find a relationship with fake social security. We can give a network sign directly and then transfer it to you. On the process, we follow normal. A walk for you. "In terms of the price of the transfer, the other party said 100,000 yuan was needed in the household.

For the above practices, Wang Hua (nickname), a local real estate agent in Yanjiao, told the reporters that some of the intermediaries claim to be able to help with the purchase of housing qualifications. Indeed, most of them included illegal fundraising and collecting the main fees (30,000-80,000 yuan). Wait) to take advantage of the loan, collect interest on your own, and then tell the customer a few months later, the qualification can not be made, the money will not return to the white white white wolf. Some even run the way with money, and customers have no room to pursue.

In addition, "fake marriage" is also a way to avoid the Yanjiao purchase order, as well as a professional "wedding ticket" (that is, a local person who works with the client's mock marriage). A local hacker presents the correspondent and completes the marriage. After buying a house, you can divorce immediately, and the house will be transferred to the customer's name. "The whole process is implemented by me. There is no risk. I can do it for 100,000 pieces."

According to the reports, there is a more common way for foreigners to buy a house in Yanjiao. The owner will hold the home. Once the buyer has paid social money for three years, the house will be transferred to the buyer. However, Wang Hua told reporters, "This kind of obligation is very high. If the owner sells the house halfway, the house rises in the house price, the seller repay, agree to repay the money, repay the benefit, and the buyer does not have any way. "

Due to the purchase restriction policy, the business of social security support in the Yanjiao area is also a "good business". Some customers will choose this method and pay social security for three years to get the qualification for buying a house. Some people on the fish quoted free to the reporter that the service fee for social security payment was about 150 yuan a month, and the annual fee is approximately 1,800 yuan. You need to calculate the social security fees and separate medical insurance payments.

In response to the operation of 100,000 yuan for transfer, fake marriage, etc., Wu Xiaomin (nickname), who is willing to buy a house, told reporters who did not believe this way and could not afford to pay for it. But Wu Hua (nickname), another person who wants to buy a house, said before the audience listened to the developers, "So I believe that developers should have their own methods, but I did not dare to try. "

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