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Yang Qianxi detedted in the world tour for the first time in 24 years. We plan to come to Fuzhou in November – Fuzhou – South East

Yang Qianxi convinced the world tour for the first time in 24 years, and was expected to come to Fuzhou in November.

Yang Qianxi concert concert Guangzhou.

Fuzhou News Evening News Correspondent Chen Jian

Yang Qianxi wants to "come back"! Previously, he won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress with "Chun Jiao and Zhi Ming", this time I return with music!

"I'm 45 years old and I have a child. I thought that the world's tour concert was far from me. I didn't expect my dream to come true!"
On the evening of March 30, "My Beautiful
The first performance of the World Live Concert Qiang Yang Qiang was held in Guangzhou. Next, Yang Qianxi will travel in more than 50 cities worldwide including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and North America. He learned the correspondent that Yang Qianxi comes to Fuzhou in November. Yang Qianxi received an interview with this reporter and told supporters who listened to her songs and grew up with her. "As long as there are dreams and hard work, there is nothing of its place on it."

Prepare 25 songs for supporters

This time "My Beautiful
Live World Concert Live Yang Qiang is the first global tour to Yang Qianxi 45-year-old. The first one was held in Guangzhou on March 30. The venue was for 18,000 people packed, and the large-scale light sticks merged with purple.

On the night, Yang Qianxi opened with "I'm sorry, I am Aquarius", followed by "Alchemy" and "Little City Events", Yang Qianxi sang pain and unwanted love love; "Farewell 2 Chome", "The World", "Sister", "Bite Lips", Yang Qianxi's favorite story tells the audience about the unusual feelings of every ordinary person, "The Mother of Rock" my head "" wonder "
A woman, Yang Qianxi sang women's encouragement at different stages.

"Say Good Happiness" is a song by Jay Chou and the only cover song for the whole concert, as this song is her love song, is particularly meaningful to Yang Qianxi. "Crossing" "Freezing Point" "Numbers You" "If let me say that" "Best Debt", plan to spend the low mountains, feel the warmth and the warmth, and challenge & Your own constant until you find your own beautiful life. “Wild Child” Encore, “Little Star”, “Girl's Prayer”, “Flying Girl”, was full of fans all the way to the present, to mix with them, along with them. with their roller coaster on the way of life.

It was planned to start coming to Fuzhou in November

"Life is a process of crossing, and this is the biggest challenge everyone has to face. Let us live better ourselves at all ages. feel frustrated in life, but we will When you reach the summit, you will find that it is a beautiful world, it's like life, and I hope to share this with fans and hopefully they will follow their dreams, no matter who, what age, what status and status, you want to do, you must insist that it will come true in the end. "
Yang Qianxi feels that everyone should step out of the comfort circle and bravely. For this reason, she also produced a special picture of the inspirational film "Crossing" throughout the game.

In the interview, Yang Qianxi revealed that she had been preparing for this singer for more than a year Before the concert began, she performed many exercises with make-up, to save time for dressing, she improved three sets of dresses three times. To make himself a better condition, he lost five kilograms.

Cai Jianhui, the person in charge of Fang Yigao leading, told the correspondent that a schedule to Qixi come to Fuzhou in November, when Yucheng fans were wonderful.

Miriam Yeung also promised not to change the proportion of Cantonese songs because of different regions, he said, "Change, the fans will be disappointed. I think the language of music is not a barrier. The most important thing is the resonance of the words. also records me. "

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