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2018-11-20 20:30:06 Source: Sohu Sports

Original title: Golf history history World Cup Physical golf or results results from a Chinese team

On November 20, Beijing time, this game was one of the most respected golf events. Having initially known as the Canadian Cup, some winning games tell you almost everything you need to know: there are Argentina's first champions, Antonio Zelda and Robert Devinchenko, and then within six years, Peter Thomson from Australia And Kerr-Nago, Ben Hogan and Sam Sneijder of the United States, and Harry Bradshaw from Ireland and Old Christie of Connor – had all these great characters at the event. Over the championship.

Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are competitors and winners in a row (four times in total), while Severiano Ballesteros is a two-time champion, but first came in 1976. Both Americans (Dave Stockton and Jerry Pate) claimed what was happening.

The rash has started to hurt, the pain has become wet, and the disease has become a need to recover. It has not twice been renewed in the 1980's, and in the last decade it has appeared in random years that's similar: 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018. The official website is so confusing that it will be scheduled for the second second event in November 2013, but it was also described as the 2014 competition.

Although the story of the event is a little confusing, it's worth appreciating this year's competition. This location is home to the Match Match World WGC, when Stephen Strick won the ML Metropolitan championship and in Melbourne, Victoria is a fast-moving masterpiece, the sand pond means that the grass looks very difficult, and there is a rough tree on the flat road. Originally designed by Alistair Mackenzie, Dick Wilson rebuilt the nine back. Stuart Appleby said: "This is a complete Augusta club student, which is a natural golf course." For TV viewers and competitors, this will be a kind of visual enjoyment.

The competition system, the first round and the third round are four goals (best ball), four groups on Friday and Sunday (hit counter). From September 3, 2018, the team was chosen as one of the top 28 qualifying countries in the world. Eligible players (receiving invitations) can choose a team member from any of the top 500 for a partner with them.

The weather during this year's competition is not better, and the temperature can reach 60 degrees at the highest temperature, but it is expected to have a lot of rainfall on Thursdays and Fridays (sunny weather every week). It may be interesting: during the rain on Thursday, it is expected more than 20 miles long, which will facilitate during the rest of the week.

Regarding the round, the Australian hosting team that includes Mark Reisman and Cameron-Smith is the producer's favorite, and Mark Reisman has seven leading players in the last ten games in the home. Two years ago, with Adam Scott, he was tied up for the ninth place. Cameron-Smith has a better home record: nine of the last 10 games have reached the top 15 and won the Australian PGA Championship.

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