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Wei Shihao was severely punished by Evergrande for breaking the team's rules and will lose 4 Premiership and 2 AFC Champions _Guangzhou


Original title: Wei Shihao broke the rules and team and was severely punished by Evergrande. It will lose 4 Super League + 2 AFC Champions League

On the 25th of March, Beijing, the 3rd final and the 4th final in the 2019 China Cup football match ended. The Chinese team lost 0-1 to Uzbekistan and the team ended. In the game, Wei Shihao suddenly clicked on behalf of member Uzbekistan No. 19, causing the opponent to be injured directly and to send it to the doctor, which is even more controversial.

Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Club decided on March 26th. Wei Shihao, a player who broke the team's rules, was banned for a month and ordered to conduct an intensive self-reflection review. The club will decide whether it should be expelled according to its review and review.

According to the schedule, Wei Shihao, who has been suspended for a month, will lose four Super League games and two AFC Champions League.

4 Premiership games: t

Side Dalian vs Guangzhou Evergrande (March 30)

Guangzhou Evergrande VS Guangzhou R&D (April 06)

Beijingers and Guangzhou Evergrande VS (April 14)

Guangzhou Evergrande vs Shandong Luneng (April 19)

2 AFC Champions League: t

Guangzhou Evergrande vs Melbourne victory (April 10)

Melbourne Victory vs. Guangzhou Evergrande (23 April)Go back to Sohu to see more

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