Friday , January 22 2021

WeChat was upheld before the Spring Festival: the use of plug-ins to bring up red packs will be blocked – News

  1. WeChat was prior to the Spring Festival: We will be blocked using a plug-ins to bring red envelopes – News – The World Trade World IC Starts –
  2. WeChat on Spring 2011 talk chat eggs – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  3. The "red envelope war" of the billion "buddy" opened the business to press the pen map? China
  4. Video dynamics around friends WeChat is just too happy – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  5. Do not use the plug-in to get a WeChat red envelope: Tencent has banned more than 3,000 accounts – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  6. Look at the full story on Google News

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