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Weaknesses and smaller difficulties for private enterprises make big movements. Shenzhen City announced a "four billion" scheme – Economy Observer Online – Professional Financial News website


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Economic Resident Online Recorder Zou Chenhui On December 5, senior executive of Shenzhen Tongzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. (002052.SZ, referred to as "Tongzhou Electronics") sent a message in the circle of friends. "Heavy! Shenzhen has introduced measures to help private enterprises, 4 The 100 billion plan will reduce the burden of relief."

Correspondent Economic Observer Online was informed that the news mentioned above by Tongzhou Electronic Executives of the document "There are several measures to support the development of the private economy with greater strength" issued by the General Office of the Government of Shenzhen City of the People of Shenzhen on December 4.

On December 5, an executive of Shenzhen Huangting International Enterprise Co., Ltd. (000056.SZ, referred to as "Huangting International") at the Economic Online Observer that we have really noticed this news and will be Again worry about this news.

Reduce the burden and reduce the cost of more than 100 billion yuan

According to the "More measures to support the development of the private economy with more strength", Shenzhen will implement a further action plan to optimize the tax business environment and lead initiatives to use state tax reduction policy for private and small enterprises and micro enterprises.

Specifically, in terms of reducing the annual cost reduction of enterprises, "There are a number of measures to support the development of the private economy with greater strength" says that the central and provincial centers will be implemented to implement zero fees for fees administrative for enterprises. Implement policy of the city to reduce the cost of real economy enterprises. Clean up & increase in power supply prices to ensure the final consumer electricity price is zero. The employer's contribution rate for basic medical insurance is reduced by 1 percentage point and is valid until the end of 2019. The unemployment insurance rate was seen from 1.5% to 1%, and the employer contribution rate was 0.7% of them .

In addition, according to the provincial unified use, reduce the contribution of work rate injury insurance. A private enterprise with a loss of one year, with the consent of the employees or trade union congress, can apply to reduce the contribution rate of the housing provision fund to at least 1% or to delay the housing provision fund. Unions fee recovery rate for small and micro businesses will increase from 60% to 70%. Ensure that city enterprises reduce the annual discount cost by more than 100 billion yuan.

Establish a 100 billion yuan fixed development fund

In terms of mitigation and the risk of stock pledges of high quality listed companies, the "There are a number of measures to support the development of the private economy with more strength" saying that there is a need to use 10 billion yuan of debt and 5 billion yuan of equity money. Increase further financial support, in line with the principle of marketing, by using measures such as profit-sharing to attract different social funds to participate, the establishment of the Shenzhen Private Enterprise Stables Development Fund will be 100 billion billion, in line with the optimization guidance and upgrades the economic structure, and has a promising future. Private enterprises have been included in the scope of support. A commercial promises guide as commercial banks and brokerage companies to make supporting credits, and are not easy to implement and relocate.

In addition, an early warning mechanism and the disposal of a major crisis for private enterprises should be established, the relevant departments should be coordinated in accordance with the law in a timely manner according to the sudden sudden events faced by enterprises in the production and acting. Establishing non-domestic disputes and emergency coordination and treatment mechanisms for private entrepreneurs in the city, implementing foreign law enforcement agencies to conduct case investigations and file investigations, and provide judicial support systems for outside-city initiatives to protect rights and the legitimate interests of entrepreneurs. Establish a service mechanism for private enterprises to deal with international trade fictitives, establish a reporting system and compliance management co-ordination system for foreign legal legal proceedings, and lead private enterprises to establish a compliance control system.

New credit of more than 100 million yuan

In terms of the difficulty in financing private enterprises, the "Measures to Support the Development of a Private Economy with the Most Likelihood" said that the scale of bank loan risk compensation to small and medium-sized enterprises increased by 2 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan, rising & # 39 ; The maximum amount of risk compensation loans. The benefits will be extended to small and micro-enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households, with a new bank credit rating of more than 100 billion yuan.

In addition, small businesses and eligible private enterprises will realize the renewal of seamless loans after the loan ends, and link the bank performance appraisal and internal motivation mechanism to support the development of the private economy.

Recently published bonds of more than 100 million yuan

In terms of financing private enterprise bonds, "There are a number of measures to support the development of the private economy with more strength" stating that the use of private enterprise bond finance tools need to be used to provide 10 billion yuan of debt and credit support for eligible guarantee guarantee institutions. Establish a risk sharing mechanism for the publication of corporate bonds, and realize the new bonds of private enterprises of more than 100 billion yuan.

In addition, increase the list of private enterprises in the main board, the GEM, the New New Board, and the science and technology board. Support eligible private enterprises to go to the public for listing abroad and provide support for the compliance of foreign direct investment audits (ODI) conducted by enterprises on overseas lists.

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