Friday , November 27 2020

"Wandering Earth" price cuts for two months, it's hard to go to the "War Wolf 2" box office –

  1. "Wandering Earth" price cuts for two months, it's difficult to go to the "Wolf 2" ticket office Sina
  2. Wandering Earth box office over 4.2 billion & movie novels why 19 years
  3. The director of Liu Cixin and Avatar should develop "hard science fiction" after mentioning the disappearing ground.
  4. "Wrapping prices" Wandering Earth's extended two-day box office is difficult to exceed "War Wolf 2" | "Earth Wandering Earth" | "War Wolf 2" | Sina Box Office
  5. Record! In February, the cumulative box office in the mainland has broken 10 billion. The world record of a 10 billion cut in one month was created by China. Mtime Time Network
  6. Look at the full story on Google News

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