Thursday , May 19 2022

Victory announced to pull back the entertainment industry Morning Post


(News Seoul) Victory announced the abolition of the entertainment industry.

The nightclubs opened by the BIGBANG Core team were involved in violence, sexual harassment, sexual and drug treatments. Later, they suspected they were being avoided by tax. Also, others took the initiative to investigate and test the drugs and test their innocence. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department's wide area investigating team said yesterday that he had investigated the allegedly accepted alleged reception and listed as a suspect.

South Korea media said the last month had been a public media win for staff to organize a chat record for foreign investors to accompany the beautiful girl. At the time, her NI office said the conversation record had to be formed, but the Korean police yesterday Confirming that the chat was really the case, as well as turning the victory to a suspect to research, it is also found that other artists are also in the chat record. Victory announced a statement about Instagram this afternoon: "At the moment, I will be drawing back from the entertainment industry and I'll only be here for the reputation of YG and BIGBANG."

Korean news "SBSfunE" broke the news, the members of the chat group included a winner, two male singers, winning investment partners Liu and Jin, performance arts planning company staff, two out of and eight out of other people, the police are also suspected of winning The company's beauty was in line with the foreign investors to investigate, and also called some of the artists in the chat to investigate, including the first singers, are recently active in the show show A. Some people have also uploaded many sneak and sex videos in the chat group on January 9, 2016. It is reported that the movie is suspected to have shot in a restaurant The women in the movie are still in a drunk condition and are removed themselves. I do not know about it.

Victory announced that he will be born as an army on the 25th of this month. As the associated nightclubs have not stopped, many servants have bombed him to avoid lying. South Korea Police Department, Kuang Jialong, hosted a press conference today at the Meiqindong Police Hall in the Seodaemun Seoul area. He said: "Even if the victory was born, the police will continue to investigate and will discuss with the National Ministry of Defense to ensure that the investigation goes smoothly."

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