Wednesday , September 28 2022

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On December 1, the "Yellow Snow" phenomenon appeared in the Urinqi Xinjiang Area. Netizens did expect on Weibo, and the snow became a "red red snow". After seeing from the sky, the community was covered with yellow snow, and the vehicles had been carved with a layer of chocolate. The netizen title is titled "Tiramisu of Urumqi."o

Some netizens said, "Like chocolate in the cream but not stirred up.
Immediately because Urumqi Airport has closed several times and many citizens have been affected.

Why does snow turn yellow? Some netizens responded:

The hot air in Turpan, after the high pressure, removed the sand from the Kumutage desert to Urumqi and met the current cold Siberia direction. The snow was in the sand, the snow was in the sand, and it was lapped around the horizon.

@ 中国 天气 Guan Wei also gave a similar explanation: "The yellow yellow under Urumqi is not simple, it's a combination of dust + blizzard."

According to meteorological experts, the wind and sand of northwestern wind formed the "yellow snow". As a result of strong healthy air, from November 30th, there were more than 7 strong winds in many places in Xinjiang, with sandwiches in the Karamay area. The wind brought sand along with the south until it went to Urumqi, Changji and other places, and then formed snow and dust.

There is a time difference between them. In the early stages, snow was the main factor, and in the later period, dust was mainly used. This led to the impact of lay.

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