Sunday , August 7 2022

Three questions about Shijiazhuang "West Jinshan Lake cutting hills to build villai" event – Xinhuanet


  1. Three questions about Shijiazhuang "Jinshan West Lake cutting mountains and build villas" Xinhuanet event
  2. Why is the illegal villa built in Shijiazhuang land to break fast? China
  3. The three chief officers from Shijiazhuang took the town to "cut the mountains and to build land" and all illegally built villas were demolished.
  4. Shijiazhuang "mountain break to build a villa": has been inspected for over 40 times and has been explored and built.
  5. Shijiazhuang "cut the mountain" to build a villa inside the curtain or provoke the official hebei vibration
  6. Look at the full story on Google News
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