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The wonders you see once in your life! He rejected 80,000 Chelsea Mr to be replaced, Surrey's tears and tears to throw things – the Blues, the side, themselves lost – Netease Sports

2019-02-25 04:01:00 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on February 25th:

He lost the 3-4 penalty to Manchester, Chelsea lost an important crown. However, compared to the game lost by the League Cup champion, the Bluetooth locker room confrontation, the coaches were over and more fans felt hopeless In the game, the players challenged the authority of Surrey as the team's main coach. Kepa's keeper did not listen to the instructor's order and he was refused to be replaced. Unexpectedly, he succeeded. Here's the first step in football too.

Kepa refused to be replaced (Source: Netease Video)

In this game, both sides came to me to attack each other, but they failed to break the dead game on the field. After 120 minutes of fighting, they still had only 0-0 of goal. The final game had to be decided by shooting a penalty. Getting lost. During overtime overtime, the situation can be described as a situation, and the blue army coach of Sari, who has been caught in the handsome situation, has become a focal point.

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