Thursday , July 7 2022

The woman shakes the city's noise to patrol the street soundtrack "Ghosts to the village" Police: Keep for 5 days – 奇 B 趣闻 – cnBeta.COM


Tai Dinas Yangquan and the Town Rural Development Administration and Shanxi Province Public Protection Office recently revealed that a woman in the city has uploaded a video of the city's control and control trip suddenly and has added inappropriate background music suddenly to insult enforcement personnel & The law. Beijing's time correspondent on the 19th checked that the woman was kept for five days in administrative retention.

According to the Yangquan City Housing official report and Town-Rural Construction Bureau Administration and Public Security Bureau, at 14:00 at noon on 12 December (hours not working), the Yangquan City Town and Rural Town Towns Administrative Law Enforcement Team found someone uploaded on the video video vibrato. Video of a law enforcement team driving a motorcycle for a normal inspection, but added improper background music badly. It is believed that the video deliberately delivers pictures of law enforcement officers and spreads rapidly on the Internet, causing a large negative social impact.

At 8 pm on 13th, the Yangquan City Management Law Enforcement Team reported to the City Public Protection Office. After being informed of the situation, the public security organs at the city and area level were reminding the importance. The municipal security and municipal security office launched an investigation, authenticated the identity of the poster, closing the Ren video publisher, and calling the same morning. Cause

According to police investigations, Ren Mou has nothing to do in recent days. In order to seek spiritual pleasure, recording the law enforcement team patrol videos is not appropriate after the background music has been released online. After the case, he admitted the illegal facts of posting inappropriate videos on the Internet. He has expressed distress over the malicious attacks of law enforcement officers on social networks.

At present, the Yangquan Area Public Protection Office has set a five-day penalty on the protection of the illegal perpetrator's political security according to the relevant provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Public Administration Administration Penalty.

Beijing's time correspondent checked the original video and concluded that the woman "added improperly inappropriate background music" and suspects that "the devil enters the song of the village".

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