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The tragedy is going to happen? SIPG lost 2 goals in 3 minutes, behind Sydney 0-4_Hajar temporarily

Original title: Is tragedy going to happen? SIPG lost 2 goals in 3 minutes, behind Sydney 0-4 temporarily

At 21 o’clock on December 1, Beijing time, in the fifth round of the AFC 2020 Champions League Group H, Shanghai played SIPG against Sydney FC.

In the 57th minute, Sydney made an oblique pass from right to front. Buhajar got the ball in. Chen Wei made a tackle error and blocked Fu Huan who was persecuting. Buhajar broke into the penalty area and scored the empty goal easily. , SIPG 0-3 Sydney.

In the 60th minute, Cáceres sent straight forward in the center circle to penetrate the defense. Buhajar got the ball into the penalty area and scored one low shot, SIPG 0-4 Sydney.

Shanghai SIPG: 34-Chen Wei, 4-Wang Shenchao, 3-Yu Rui, 28-Used, 23-Fu Huan, 16-Matijiang, 26-Mui, 24-Lei Wenjie, 8-Oscar, 11 -Lu Wenjun, 14 -Li Shenglong

Subs: 6-Cai Huikang, 9-Ricardo Lopez, 15-Lin Chuangyi, 18-Zhang Yi, 20-Yang Shiyuan, 21-Yu Hai, 22-Sun Le, 37-Chen Binbin, 39-Liu Zhurun, 40-Chen Chunxin

Sydney FC: 30-Pavlesic (3’20-Seward Bell), 3-Wolland, 4-Wilkinson, 23-Ryan Grant, 16-Joel-King, 10- Ninkovic, 17-Anthony Cáceres, 26-Blatan, 28-Neuwenhof , 11-Barbaroses, 12-Buhajar

Subs: 20-Seward Bell, 40-Levi-Kay, 2-Flotman, 21-Van der Sacher, 5-Baum Johann, 19-Zuweila, 18-Luke-Ivan Norwich, 27-Svibel, 33-WoodReturn to Sohu to see more


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