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The Town Council has a meal meal for 16 years, it can not ignore the old account of the new officer –


The township government has to pay a fee for 16 years.

As a government department, we should try our best to pay off debts and avoid becoming "old Lai" and even the government's image.

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"The canteen has closed for 16 years, but it was not given me a 30,000 yuan meal for the township dinner. I do not know when it will happen." Government of Yangshu County Luochuan Towns, Shaanxi Province (revised in 2015) Yang Shu Facilities Services Center) The Wan San, 66-year-old meals, heart and soul expenses arrears, "I do not know if I can to come back in my life? " ("Hua Shang Bao" December 19)

In the administrative reform, town and town towns have merged, and the original township government became a convenient service center at the moment. He did not believe credits and debts due to changes of names and personnel changes. The current leader recognizes this account and his attitude is good. But paying the bill but paying back the money is also a kind of "new ignore officer and old account." As a government department, we should try our best to pay off debts and avoid becoming "old Lai" and even the government's image.

If the original canteen operator was attacking the convenience service center, this section had included in the list of illegal enforcers because it did not fulfill its obligations on the debt service – it was recognized in "Lao Lai" at the legal level, and would also say "financial power." Can not tighten, money out? "

The difference between "Official Lai" and "Lai Lai" is that the first is dragging the public interest. For example, if the leading and cadet convenience service center is connected to the "blacklist", it will be restricted in areas such as travel, and its impact and the losses will eventually have a & # 39; to reflect in the level of public service.

Prior to that, there was a court of judicial motion to the local Commission for Disciplinary Inspection, and recommended that the party's case responsible for party discipline and government of the "Guan Lai" department be investigated the law. Some departments, such as township governments or associate organizations in poor areas, may have financial difficulties, and higher level governments should also have a coherent solution. With regard to this issue, administrative legal persons differ from the concept of "legal liability" of social legal persons – there is a de facto joint responsibility between lower and upper government levels.

Since the introduction of the eight regulations, government departments have become less and less indebted to the cost of eating and drinking. When managing "the progress" is strictly, they have solved the problem of "stock" and the rest of history. Indeed, it also incorporates strict discipline and anti-corruption. .

Source Ma Diming: China Youth Daily

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