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The sale of iPhone XR Japan is poor, 30% off operators sell only 1555 yuan – Wall Street

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Previously, the Wall Street Journal said that Apple will open the price of iPhone XR in Japan due to the constant sales there. Now, this thing has happened. The cheapest is 1555 yuan. I do not know if this can stimulate consumer purchases. Interesting.

It is said that the Japan NTT DoCoMo operator has already reduced the price of the iPhone XR. The price of the 64GB version has reduced from 39,528 yen to 25,920 yen, which is equivalent to RMB 1,555, which is equivalent to 30% off the original price. It only sells an iPhone XR for a month. Such a promotion is scarce. It is said that this money has been authorized by Apple because they have to provide more subsidies to support Japanese operators.

Compared with other countries and regions, there seems to be a worse manufacture on iPhone XR Japan. These users are not led by this phone. Instead, it's still impressed by the iPhone 8, 8 More, which means Apple is headache, so the price is reduced to attract users. Buy.

Apple iPhone XR authorizes the first shot to lower prices

Japan operators have received Apple subsidies, and then reducing the XR prices, the more important is that the official price adjustment is Apple's name, if the mobile phone is not an unsatisfactory sales, I fear that it will not do so , which also proves from the side The industry chain situation broke.

According to news from the industry chain, Apple has already broken orders for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. The main reason is that sales have not met expectations, and the rate of breaking is not too small, at least 10%. Among these, the iPhone XR is more serious, and it is estimated that the number of cutting orders is around 5 million units.

It is said that Foxconn plans to produce 60 XR lines originally for the iPhone XR, but now only 45 production lines have been implemented. Daily output is 100,000 units less than the original plan. The other is the same as industrial and commercial enterprises. Many iPhone production line workers have also been a vacation ban. Due to poor sales, iPhone supply chain suppliers have also reduced their performance, and the cotton quilt is ready for the winter.

Apple is blind that the demand for a new iPhone is overwhelmed

In Apple's view, to ensure that the sale of three new iPhone this year is not low, they deliberately improved the price / performance of iPhone XR performance, bringing a larger iPhone XS Max screen, as well as dual- dual-garded card. But the reality is that consumers do not buy it.

In addition to being over-suffering about product upgrades, another reason why Apple overestimates the demand for new resets to iPhone is that iPhone 6 and 6S still have a lot of users around the world, and the part This group has reached the renewal point. Getting them is the largest market.

However, the smartphone market in many countries and regions around the world has entered the list period. Replacement demand is really reduced. In addition, the environment is not particularly good, so it's very careful to buy high-end machines, which is running the iPhone XR ready to run. And the main XS high-end iPhone series is very difficult.

Domestic mobile phones are infringing

Not only in the domestic market, domestic mobile phones suffer from global causes, better design, configuration and cost-effectiveness, so that more and more consumers are off Apple. In the consumer's view, the iPhone XS innovation is almost a bit of an improvement compared to the iPhone X, but the price has improved. The previous camera has not had such a big advantage now, and the battery life is still softly soft on the iPhone.

Take the XR iPhone as an example. When compared to the leading machines for domestic Android, the gap is still small. The price is very scarce of the price / performance ratio. Even the industry chain emphasizes that the Mate 20 is the leading machine, which has manufactured for Apple. Great effect.

IPhone X has forced to resurrect

As the XR and XS series sales are lower than expected, in order to mitigate market demand, Apple will restart the production of an iPhone X. By means of the hot sales of the machine, it can compensate for the lack of sales of the new machine It is necessarily more cost effective. Global users appear to be getting more expensive to the iPhone.

It is said that Apple will redesign the iPhone X to resolve the situation that did not respond to the previous screen. Due to this problem, they also released free of charge for the users of the repair screen and free of charge.

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