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The new hepatitis B drug is strongest in history that has been listed in China for 5 years. Why is it only approved for this hepatitis B drug in China? – IT and Health – cnBeta.COM

Recently, the second generation of tenofovirTenofovir fumarate tablets (TAF)o

Officially listed,o

This is also the only new hepatitis B drug that has been approved in China over the last five years. Tenofovir (Velde) fumarate tablets, known as "the strongest hepatitis B drug in history", is mainly used to treat chronic hepatitis B in adults and young people (over 12 years old and weigh at least 35 kg ). HBV).

Friends who are familiar with hepatitis B treatment may be confused here. Is it not long for Norfolk to be on the market? Why are fumarate propofol tablets becoming a new "second list" drug? Today let's talk in detail!

How do two drugs treat hepatitis B?

Tenofovir (Wired) disoproxil fumarate tablets were launched as an anti-HIV drug in 2013 and approved in 2014 to expand the signs for treating hepatitis B.

Since only the gastrointestinal tract is absorbed by tenofovir, it must be exposed and cured before it can be absorbed and used by the body. After hydration and refund, it forms diphosphate tenofovir.

Diphofovir diffosphate is a similar structure of deoxynucleotide, one of DNA molecular materials, and is joined into the DNA molecule by "hiding", causing the tail of the DNA molecule chain to lack the necessary structure, preventing DNA extension . .

That is, the DNA molecules are hidden in secret, and the virus can not "copy" its "life code" itself, preventing the virus.

A new drug that has just been approved for marketing –Tenofovir (Velde) fumarate is phosphoramid-hydrophysic phosphoramide fibers that can be hydrolled and deposited in hepatocytes to be converted into diphosphate diphophovir.

Although both drugs have the same goal, they will be converted to tenofovir diphosphate last. The body process is almost the same – hydrolysis, phosphorus, but both drugs in the body, the dose, the effectiveness, the special use of the population There are "performances" different.

What is the difference between the two drugs?

Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate tablets (hereinafter referred to as TDF) have been popular.The strongest anti-virus effect and low drug resistance rate are the most typical of TDF.

It is not only recommended as the first option for treatment in the 2015 edition of the Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment, but also as a Hepatitis B patient in the 2016 edition of Consensual Expertise of Antiviral Therapy for Hepatitis B (Acid) Analogs The drug after choosing a treatment failure.

Compared to other antiviral drugs, TDF has a higher level of pregnancy protection. Pregnant women with hepatitis B can use TDF treatment to reduce the possibility of a drug resistance due to drug resistance, and also prevent the prevention of mother and baby's hepatitis B to ensure the health of the baby.

Although TDF has as many advantages as mentioned above, it also has its shortcomings.When treating a long-term TDF, there is a risk of kidney disease in some special patients. At the same time, TDF also reduces patient density and affects adverse effects on the patient's bones.

Tenofovir fumarate tablets (hereinafter referred to as TAF) have been modified on a TDF basis to form a "ME BELL" drug.

TAF can reduce the effects of kidney damage and bone density. Previous clinical data showed that patients with TAF had a more stable renal function and bone density without significant damage.

Another clinical study found that patients with TDF had improved kidney and bone density changes to TAF, and the liver function indicators were recovered faster.

The tenofovir reproduction (TAF) is safer and better than the first generation (TDF), and indeed the helicitis B patients' gospel.

In addition, TAF can be "targeted" after livering, reducing the concentration of drugs in the peripheral blood, and "forces that focus" to attack the "fort enemy ", which also reduces DAF's dosage and frequency. , better compliance.

What is the price trend of this new drug?

With the drug lists, patients see the bottom of the treatment, but this talent also takes some summer, that is, the monopoly and the high prices caused by new drugs .

In order to develop a new drug, a pharmaceutical company has invested huge human, financial and material resources. The cost of new drugs research and development is high. If it is not properly protected, enterprises will lose their research and development power, so new drugs need to be protected as a patent.

But this patent defense is not a good thing for the patient, because this patent defense often causes the high price of the drug.

During the protection of drug patents, other manufacturers can not provide alternative low cost drugs through accompaniment. This means that patients suffer from expensive new drugs.

In this regard, we need to be objective and dialectical, and the reduction of new drugs in good faith leads to the development of new drugs and the development of medicine in the long run. I believe we will be able to afford good medication in the future and use new medicines.

Specialist of this article: Li Wensi, Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacy, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University

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