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The new drama of Wang Kai "Dajiang Dahe" is on fire, and the netizens have found that the changes are too big – China Daily News

The "Dajiang Dahe" television series began on December 10 and was broadcast by Dragon TV and Beijing Satellite TV. The first broadcast was the first place in the country.

This drama, which includes Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian, was produced by Fang Zhengwu Sunshine, produced by Fang Zhongwu Sunshine. He included a representative of "The Joyful Man", A Nai "Dajiang Dahe" masterpiece.

Wang Kai's new drama

▲ The original "Dajiang Dahe" book with a water grade 9.1

The book has an excellent reputation among readers. The Douban score is as high as 9.1, which is being praised by readers as "compared to" Common World "and" book describing and revision ".

The original "Dajiang River" tells the story between 1978 and 1992, under the background of reform and opening, the predecessors represented by Song Yunhui, Lei Dongbao and Yang Teng examined and broke into the wave of change.

Wang Kai's new drama

Song Yunhui (Wang Kai's decorations) is talented and talented, but has never been discriminated against. However, he took the opportunity to resume the college entrance examination in 1978, it became sure that the opportunity, worked diligently, became technical staff from property-owned enterprises state-of-the-art, and has been stepped up step by step, setting the foundation for a successful life, but gradually losing the transformation of the new era.

A brother in law Cân Yunhui, Lei Dongbao (Yang Shuo), is completely different. Lei Dongbao was born in poverty and belongs to "big and old" Miao Zhenggen, but he fully acts and leads the villagers to follow the policy in tone reform. Walking at the forefront. However, due to the low level of its own culture, its vision is not wide enough, and ultimately it falls to the feet of new things.

If Song Yunhui and Lei Dongbao are an epitome of the state-owned economy and the combined economy, then the Yang Bang self-employed (Dong Zijian) is certainly a typical example of & The individual economy. Yang patrolled the business opportunities that were trampled on the traps. After turning and turning into the business area, he owned the industry itself and eventually became a typical representative of the individual economy.

After the television series had the red, it also attracted many original powder. The powder book found that the TV series still had many changes compared to the original, as the following pieces:

1. A family and sister went a song to the university

In the original "Dajiang Dahe", when Song Yunhui went to the junior high school, her sister went to the secondary school and faced tougher restrictions. Cân Yunhui could not have a place in secondary school, and graduated from junior secondary school through self-study. In the television series, both brothers and sisters were re-adapted to the university at the same time, but the quota was limited, and Song Yunhui reported the People's Admissions Regulations and relocated staffing. I have to say that the scene of regulations that song Song Yunhui is very distressing.

2. The relationship between Song Yunhui and Yan Shanqing

In the original "Dajiang Dahe", Cân Yunhui was accepted to the General General Factory of the State after graduating from the university, and Yan Shanqing knew him. In the television series, Song Yunhui and Yan Shanqing came to university meetings. With more opportunities to coincide with and grow up, the process of friendship and comparison between the two will be much longer. I look forward to their next play at school and work.

3, Lei Dongbao stepped on the death of a long hair rabbit Yun Yunping

Lei Dongbao and Song Yunping are those I'd like a lot in the book. Lei Dongbao, a rough man, is only a woman and madman. In the book, Lei Dongbao and Song Yunping met for the first time, and they were on the way home to the Cân family. In the television series, the time was that they met a meeting in front of the timetable. When Song Yunping went to the market to buy a long rabbit, he almost hit her by a car. Lei Dongbao saved him, but accidentally stepped on the long rabbit that was very valuable to Song Yunping. This has strengthened the conflicts between the two people, who also prepare the way for further developing the subsequent relationship between the two.

4, Lei Dongbao and the family miss A Song to send sweet potatoes to the younger brother

In the original book, Meet Dongbao Lei with Song younger's younger brother, Song younger brother fell, and raised two people. The TV volume was fascinated by Song Yunping. This book is consistent with the TV series. The difference is the book three. After meeting each other, Lei Dongbao would like to invite the two brothers and sisters to sit at home, but he was worried that there would be no good thing to entertain. In the TV series, Lei Dongbao came into the way he sent sweet home potatoes to the two brothers. (According to careful networks, giving the sister two big ones, puffing the younger brother) The progress of this chapter makes the character of Lei Dongbao even more lovable, and the a thick child's side.

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