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The League – First shot 0 shot Wu Lei is waiting for a good Spanish half-season 0-1_Moreno

Original title: La Liga – Film 0 shot Wu Lei is waiting for a good Spanish opportunity half 0-1

Beijing time on 3rd February at 19:00, season 2018-19 La Liga, on 22nd focus battle in the ceramic stadium competition, Chinese player Wu Lei played the Spanish away to challenge Villarreal, body chose Wu Lei, who was uniform team number 24, for the team's great list and will wait for the opportunity on the bench.

In the first 21 lapses of La Liga, the Spanish team scored 7 awards, 3 drawings and 11 losses, 24 degrees with 24 points, the home team, Villarreal 3 wins, 9 draw and 9 losses only 18 points the last number Two. In almost five times La Liga's confrontation between the two teams, both sides won one game and the other three were pulling. The Spanish team from outside 4-4-2, the initial double is Iglesias, the highest number of the team, Sergio Garcia, the midfielder Granero and Piatti wings. The combination of Zhongwei is Hermoso and David Lopez. The home team used a 3-5-2 form, Ivora became the midfielder, Cazorla produced an ancient, and Eccambi and No 7 Moreno formed twice.

In the first half of the first half, Iglesias took the ball and was defeated by Bonera. Yellow yellow, and Granero hit the door with a free chic. In the 11 minutes, Cazorla took the corner and scored Eccam goal. The left foot of Moreno went higher than the opposite. In the 14 minutes, the film broadcasting the Wu Lei game was close, and the Chinese attacker watched the court situation carefully.

In the 24 minutes, the broadcaster again gave Wu Lei a close shot of more than ten seconds. Wu Lei arrived out and touched his left shoulder. In the 26 minutes, Cazorla opened the free kick on the right, Eccam was blocked by the bottom line, but the adjudicator did not sentence the corner. In the 27 minute minute, Cazorla scored a goal and Diego Lopez was seized by the left foot of Left Moreno. In the 32 minutes, Granero Fornals started 8. In the 35 minutes, the home team continued to co-operate. The left foot of the Moreno arc was shot down by the goalkeeper.In the 37 minute minute, the game team broke the game dead! Cazorla takes the free kick on the right, Moreno arrives at the cross and Ivora fills the ball! The Spain 0-1 behind Villarreal.In the 39 minutes, Victor Sanchez seized to Ivora and was given a yellow card warning.

In the 43 minutes, Pedraza dropped low on the left and Moreno transported the plane with his left foot. At the end of the half game, Wu Lei did not have the opportunity to play, a Spain team 0-1 behind Villarreal.

Line played both sides:

Spanish: 13- Diego Lopez, 12-Didak, 22-Elmoso, 15-Davi-Lopez, 8-Rosales, 23-Barn, 10-Dardel, 4-Victor-Sanchez, 19-Piatti, 7-Churches, 9-Selcio -Garcia

Redundancies: 24-Wu Lei, 1-Roberto Jimenez, 11-Faundo Ferreira, 16-Harvey Lopez, 27-Louis-Lopez, 18-Alejandro Lopez, 14-Melondo

Villarreal: 1-Asenho, 15-Miglon-Liangbrick, 23-Bonella, 3-Alvaro-Gonzalez, 16-Pedraza, 19-Achos La, 10-Ivora, 4-Morrie, 8-Fernals, 17-Ecambi, 7-Moreno

Deputies: 13-Andres Fernandez, 18-Fuego, 2-Gaspar, 11-Haume-Costa, 9-Baka, 30-Chuk Uze, 5-San Diego-Casse Rice

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