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The Italian director left to leave the Excluded City that China can no longer shoot Bertolucci | The Last Emperor | Pu Yi _ China News

Original title: The Italian director left, leaving the Excluded City that Chinese movies can no longer be filtered …

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There was a little mourning this winter. After sending a number of consecutive art coffee, the news about Bertolucci's death suddenly came out and people were shocked to see that the huge image on the movie altar had collapsed.

According to "Russia Today", the director of Italy, the scriptwriter and producer Benaldo Bertolucci died of cancer at 7am local time morning on the 26th, at the age of 77.

After learning the news about the death of Bertolucci, Chen Chongfa & Weibo, who played the role of "The Last Emperor", mourned: "The" The Last Emperor "production is similar to eight me, huge, lively and disorganized. And I've been a bride for eight months, expecting Bertolucci to open the hijab every day, and again fall in love with me. "Ning Wei, the former Chinese director and who was deputy director of the film, unfortunately also said: "I'm in Italy this summer. When I met, he said (Berotucci) that he suddenly wanted to go back to China."

This trip to China has not happened.

However, in the eyes of the Chinese audience, "The Last Emperor" as a memorial, always records the love of the director of Italy and China. Looking at the Bertolucci movie career, her relationship with China seems to be an inevitable crash.

In 1986, Bertolucci (front row to the right) was filmed in In 1986, Bertolucci (front row on the right) was filmed in "The Last Emperor" in the Forbidden City.

On March 16, 1941, Bertolucci was named in Parma, Italy. His family is full of literary atmosphere, and his father is a poet and film critic. Growing up in such a family environment, Bertolucci has a keen interest in making films, hoping to embed the print of times in his own films. Addressing the story of love between people and the great environment has become the leading style of his film in the future.

In the 1964 film "Eve of the Revolution", Bertolucci joined the first political awareness outside the human nature debate, including his personal dissatisfaction against the bourgeois decay life; "Love and Fury" was filmed during the Vietnam War, by 5 segments. Different stories express their opinion on the political situation at that time; in 1977, his first brilliant masterpiece, 1900, tells the story of class conflicts and hatred and struggles under family disputes in the context of the impressive Italian society in the early 20th century. The time covers 40 years.

Bertolucci's shooting is not just a movie. Using a film to tell history in its best practice. So, in 1984, when it came to China first, it was immediately denied the fate of these characters.

"Our cultures are so different, but they are attracted together. I feel that the confrontation between cultures seems to be awful of passion." He had an idea at the time, using his best techniques to bring funeral love stories. Recovery with political life under the lens. Two years later, the biography "The Last Emperor" was officially given on the creation timetable.

The film's perspective is very unique, using flash-fighting techniques to tell the story of the historians of the last emperor of China's Chinese Dynasty.

To some extent, "The Last Emperor" redefines the world of the East in the eyes of Westerners. Like Italian, Bertolucci takes place to play the same role as Marco Polo. This time, he is eager to reveal the majesty of the Eastern world during the first half of the last century.

The first-class "The Last Emperor" film was very exciting. In his own words: "For me, China is always hiding in a strange fantasy, but it's not part of the world." But as an overseas, we have to make a good story of the Chinese. The difficulties faced can be much harder than imagining.

At the time, the Bertolucci script had just finished a draft, but was not satisfied. Someone who is familiar with a Chinese market said: "You can not get hard, you need to understand how the Chinese deal with the Chinese and who they are; n deal with them. "

For example, Betolucci came from the end later to the son of Gu Wen's teacher, Pu Yi, Chen Baozhen, a consultant. After that, the autobiography was also hired as consultants, the oldest brother Pu Yi, Jie Jie and Li Wenda who helped Pu Yi. On the other hand, Bertolucci joined the Beijing Film Studio and Culture Minister, Ying Ruocheng, who also played a part in the film.

Ying Ruocheng appeared in the Ying Ruocheng appeared in the "The Last Emperor" as director of the Institute of War Offender Management.

Bertolucci found the most appropriate creative team, and this film made the first film of the West for China co-operated entirely by the Chinese government since 1949. And the other thing that was made to create a history was to bring & The show to the Excluded City.

In 1986, the Ministry of Culture announced regulations on the protection of cultural religions for film and television plays. "The ancient buildings of international key cultural defense units are banned from shooting everything indoors." Bertolucci happened to have the last "passing order" before the regulations were enacted. After that, just go to the Excluded City to filming, here is not every director wants to think about.

On July 28, 1986, the "last emperor" officially began. In the jealousy of his peers, Bertolucci was approved to go to the Exclusion City with a film crew of 150 Chinese, 100 Italians and 20 British people to shoot in the field.

Later, Chen Chong, who played the Queen's race, said: "That was my first third and finally in a non-tourist Exclusion City. I could hear my feet on the slate."

As the first foreign director filming a movie in the City of Exclusion, Bertolucci went to the palace with hundreds of years of history, but in the face of the stunning old ballads and spectacular views. The heart relies. "I'm really worried about losing myself and I can not find clues to go out, but I can find the answer every day. When I do not know what I & After doing, the answer comes out. "

In his eyes, no matter what fiction is the film, in the end, the real people are drawn up.

"The first emperor died and separated from his family. The youngest, who was only three years old, was dragged into the palace as an emperor. She was on her head in the face of the civil and military officers who had bent down, and Xiaoyiyi was so scared to close. "

For these few minutes of a film, Bertolucci spent a lot of time to prepare.

For example, exclude exciting women to kill them and worship in the square. The crew employs male clothing assistants especially to help dress up.

In order to follow the number of civil and military ministers, the crew invited in excess of 2,000 officers and men to perform group performances, and asked them to facilitate their hair. Before filming, the staff used to wear wigs for more than 2,000 group performances within 2 hours. Here's just the step. The crew spent ten days in advance to train 50 Chinese workers. When there were more than 2,000 group performers wearing chicks and putting on clothes and appearing in the square in front of Taihe Hall, Bertolucci was scared. Suddenly he huddled and paused and thought, "What do I do? Is this mad?"

It's still harder to be behind.

The Supreme Harmony Hall, often known as the Golden Temple, is the most current wooden structure in China. After centuries, he witnessed history as a symbol of imperial power and was never neglected in defense. The carts, arms and rock lights used in filming will bring hidden dangers and fire risks to the hall. After a number of discussions, this part was completed by a photographer using Steadicam.

When the film was released, the 3-year-old emperor was attracted by the yellow curtain and flew in front of him. The yellow stimulates the emperor and the sun. The little emperor, like a butterfly, rushes over and rushes to the yellow dream, holding the earliest memories of his life. Here's a small funeral in Bertolucci, and this is the most classic lens at The Last Emperor.

In the scene, Bertolucci is only Italian, not Chinese, even English is not good, the movie crew to find a number of Italian, Italian translations to convey ideas for him.

Even so, Western and West cultures have between them and there will still be conflicts. When shooting a scene where Pu Yi and Grace were married, it was necessary for the servant to help the tool and race to turn off the clothes slowly. However, during the filming process, a servant came accidentally to remove Chen Chong's clothes away. "The body is open." At that time, Bertolucci did not feel there was anything from her place, but rather thought she was beautiful and natural.

However, Chen Chong is very frightened. Before that, he was criticized for exposure to the lens in the film "The Big Class." After filming of the movie, Chen Chong Bertolucci and producer immediately spotted, asking them to guarantee that the lens was not needed, and the warrant must be written written. "I do not trust them, but this shooting could really bring me a big problem."

At the time, Bertolucci told Chen Chong: "I promise you not to do it" Chen Chong said: "No". Then Chen Chong said: "It was particularly sad that day." Because of this, Bertolucci was once alone. He added his temper: "Do you know, I can make you never work." But soon, both were reconciled.

On the day of the filming ceremony, Queen Elizabeth II visited China now. She wanted to visit the Excluded City, but for the filming, the Palace rejected her request. Since then, even though films like "The Most" have also accessed the Excluded City, they can only be taken outside the unexpected area or some incredible palaces. In terms of collecting thousands of people in front of the Supreme Harmony Hall, and even the heroic attempts to close the Queen of England because of shooting, I'm scared that I will never be able to copy it again.

In 1987, the film was released all over the world. A year later, in the 60th Academy Awards, best film sweeping, best director, best-fitted script, best photography, best guys, best sound, Nine awards, including director best art, best costume design and best original audio track, all of which have to nominate. The 100% rate winning success rate is still incredible.

When the award-winning guest read Robin Williams the name of Bertolucci, he walked on stage with a Chinese style soundtrack and said with excitement in an Italian accent: "I want to thank the Chinese and Chinese thanks to the Chinese government for allowing me to go I took this beautiful country and thanks to Zun Long, Chen Chong and many Chinese who were not anonymous before and after the camera. I should give them a Chinese style gimmick. This is the most fun. Exciting in my life, I can not hide it. Come up. "

More than 30 years later, having remembered 40 years of reform and opening, the Beijing Film Festival has again re-enacted "The Last Emperor" on Betolucci. Originally, the committee arranged to invite China. I answered again, but at the end I could not do it because of physical reasons. It was only a letter that he sent. In the letter, he said, I really want to go back to China to see, see an old friend, eat the best brackets and seabed seabirds.

However, in half a year, he has become a farewell.

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