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The "Insight" of the United States completes the eighth mission to Mars in the field of human history. Return to the first picture after landing – China Daily


The "Insight" USA completes the eighth mission to Mars in the field of human history. He returns the first picture after landing (Source: US media)

China Daily Online, November 27, according to CNN, after a seven-month flight, Insight Mars NASA search 11 successfully hit Mars on the 26th. A few minutes after landing, he sent the "Insight" "beep" to the National Aviation and Space Administration to report on peace, as well as a photograph of Mars area that landed on it.

After confirming that the "Insight" was successfully buryed on March, rough approval was made at the Command Ground Space Center at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This exciting moment was also shared by people around the world through a global live broadcast, even on the New York Times Square Nasdaq Stock Exchange electronic screen.

At a subsequent press conference of NASA, the astronomer called the International Space Station was congratulated. They said they were "excited" with falls and goats when they successfully saw the "Insight" on Mars's side. .

"Today, we succeeded in completing the eighth mission for Mars in human history," said NASA Director Jim Bridenstin. "The Insight will conduct research on the inside Mars, and we are ready to fly. On the occasion of the Moon and Mars, it will provide us with valuable scientific information. This success reflects the ingenuity of the US and international partners, as well as the dedication and perseverance of our team. In the future, NASA will also do better. "

Bridenstin said Mike Burns, Vice President of the United States, also congratulated the whole team that performed in March.

The Mars Insight "Insight" is an important NASA project that uses seismic examination, geological surveys, and heat transfer techniques to deeply explore inside Mars to help people understand the shape of the Martian rock surface well. I was launched on May 5 this year at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

The "Insight" will use three devices to hold a full "physical examination" of Mars. The Seismic Internal Structure Experiment (SEIS) is responsible for measuring the "pulse" and monitoring the earthquake and geological activities of Martian; "Heat Flows and Physical Property Problems" (HP3) are responsible for the "body temperature" and will be approximately 5 meters deep in Mars. Internal heat is deeply measured in the soil; the "Internal and General Structure Tester" (RISE) is responsible for measuring Mars's motion and using the radio transmission between Mars and Earth to detect rotation of Mars and providing clues for studying the size of Martian kernel.

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