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The great revolution promotes a great jump, and creates a greater miracle with momentum – reform and opening, cadres and workers, Xi Jinping, a socialist with Chinese features, a new era – Lanzhou Morning News


2018-12-19 02:11:47 Source: Lanzhou Morning News

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 18th The glorious history saw the great talk and the ambition to start a new journey. The General Secretary, Xi Jinping's important speech, stimulated 40 years since the revision and opened the 18th strong response among the organs and chairs of central and state and employee organizations.

Everyone said, with the General Secretary's important speech, Xi Jinping as the guide, holds the big banner of socialism with Chinese features, do not forget the initial heart, remember the mission, do the work to reform and open to the end , and create a new and more wonderful miracle that will make the world look at each other.

In the 40 years of reform and opening, very good

On the morning of the 18th, he organized the National People's Congress, the Ministry of Emergency, the Emergency Ministry and other cadre departments and employees to watch the live broadcast of the conference on time and listen carefully to an important speech General Secretary Xi Jinping. Everyone believes that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping has summarized a great deal of great achievements and valuable experiences of the party and the country during the past 40 years of reform and opening, and seriously states that there will be confidence and determination Always on the way when the reform and opening work is not completed. Everyone is very excited, encouraged and multiplied.

The cadres and employees of the State Ethnic Commission, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance said that the 40 years of reform and opening in our 40 years led our people to get out of every country in the country to achieve. The major social revolution and constantly opens a socialist way with Chinese features. The people wrote 40 years of the country's magnificent epic. It is precisely because of these 40 years of hardship and tragedy that the Chinese country has successfully succeeded in "holding up with" the "times" leading the times. "

The General Secretary, Xi Jinping, noted that we had spent decades on the industrialization process that developed countries have gone through for hundreds of years. In the hands of Chinese people, it is impossible to become possible. We are very proud and proud of the Chinese people who have created the miracle of humanity!

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Water Resources Ministry, and the Department of Audit staff were encouraged by the words of the General Secretary Xi Jinping. They said that the Chinese Communist Party over the last 40 years of reform and opening has led the Chinese people to make major changes that have turned up, have achieved great successes that have attracted global attention, and writes great epic from national and national development. The achievements in the past 40 years have not dropped from the sky, and they have not been given by others. Instead, the people of all the cities and the whole nation have worked hard, wisely and courageously.

Make sure you prove, bravely change, and make a new world. Staff of the National Committee of the Political Advisory Conference of the Chinese People, the Supreme Court of People, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reported that 40 years of practice had proven completely since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Committee Central of Plaid, our party has merged and led the socialist roads, theories and systems with Chinese features opened by people from every country in the country. Culture is absolutely right. The basic theory, basic line and fundamentally formed party strategy are completely accurate.

The Central and Political Political Committee, the Supreme People Procuratorate, and chairs of the Communist Youth Alliance Central Committee said reform and opening was an important magic tool for the party and the people to catch up with times, the only way to maintain and develop socialism with Chinese features, and the key to determine contemporary Chinese dynamics. Decide to achieve the goal of "two hundred years" and achieve the key to the great revival of the Chinese country. From the start of the new era to the new century, from the new start to the new era, reform and opening have become the most amazing feature and the most magnificent weather in contemporary China.

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