Wednesday , September 28 2022

The famous comic artist Yang Shaohua is searching for urgent medical attention and is temporarily stable website_Entertainment_World Wide Web


The medical crisis of famous crisis, Yang Shaohua, is temporarily stable

A few days ago, some netizens were open to the famous comic dialogue artist, Yang Shaohua, suddenly appeared uncomfortable and sent to the doctor. It is said that the physical condition of Yang Shaohua, aged 88, is temporarily stable after the hospital is treated urgently.

Yang Shaohua was born in Beijing in 1932. In 1944, Guo Rongqi admitted as a teacher who taught a cross at the Qiming Tea Gym in Beijing. In 2004, Yang Shaohua and Yang Yi's son starred in "Yang Life Yang Guang" written by Han Zhao, playing the role of Yang Guangnian, father of Yang Guang, and later appeared in the sequential series of series "Happy Life Yang Guang". .

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