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Step 3000 "Qian Zhen" barrier, who are the composers? Stakeholders want to say that this is too exciting … | Economic Day News


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In spring, the market has phased out during spring spring. With the A proportion standing for 3000 points, the "massacre" that followed has also caused the small hearts of the investors to rise and fall as a roller coaster. What do the investors think? What do analysts think?

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Last Friday (March 8), from the end of the day, a Comprehensive Index dropped from 4.40% to 2,998.86 points. Some investors think this is false:

There are investors who say that this is too exciting, too exciting …

For a fake or not, today's disk still allows the investor to breathe a sigh of relief. On Monday (March 11), recover the three large stock indexes of shares A their momentum above after a small shock when trading early. On the unilateral increase in the afternoon, recover the Shanghai Compound Index of the 3,000 point mark, and a 4.43% GEM index index, hitting a new highlight.

Ultimately, the Shanghai Compound Index indexed 3026.99 points, up 1.92%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 9704.33 points, up 3.64%; GEM pointed to 1727.80 points, up 4.43%.

On the plate, port transport, free trade port, UHV, instrumentation, Internet, high transfer and other sectors were among the best.

The Shanghai index returned to 3,000 points after the "big earthquake"

Following the Shanghai stock index, 4.40% joined last Friday, the Shanghai stock index has today's anti-drafting Gwynedd, although the trading goes below 3,000 points, and with the continuous increase in the evening the session, the GEM raised more than 4%, the two cities are more than 250 shares The daily limit is still hot.

See what hot places are in today's session:

The UHV sector performed well today, with industry index rising by almost 9%.

In the news, on 8 March, the "Grid In-Power Power Internet In-Power" construction work was scheduled to take place in Beijing. The Chairman, Wei Wei noted that the most urgent and important task of the company is to accelerate the construction of the Internet from exhaustive power. . To this end, a State Grid has offered a two-step strategic arrangement, that is, the Network will be built by 2021, and the Power Power Internet will be built by 2024, by Include the four tier of the sensing tier, the network layer, the platform layer and the application layer. The structure fully realizes business co-ordination, data communication and control of unified materials, and comprehensively forms a built-in and built-in Internet energy ecosystem.

Ping An Securities believes that the scale of power grid investment is relatively stable in 2018, but it is estimated that the scale of UHV investment has declined. At the same time, the rising price of raw materials has squeezed the manufacturing profits, and overall profitability has decreased. After driving with the reboot of UHV, it is estimated that the investment in power grids in 2019 will increase.

The pharmaceutical bio-sector also performed well. Health Yuan, Science and Technology Canaan, Baihua Village, Wandong Medical, Yabao Pharmaceutical and other stocks rose daily. Huatai Securities believes that, following the expansion of MSCI, the pharmaceutical stocks have increased significantly in terms of market size and size, and the number increased to 49, accounting for 11.6%, first. At present, the valuation of various sub-sectors in the pharmaceutical industry is basically at a relatively low level in the last five years. Since the beginning of 2019, the general increase in pharmacies has dropped behind the DPC Index 300. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry is currently worthy of a configuration.

In addition, the pork plate is also a hot spot recently. On March 8, with almost 3,200 drops falling, there were five "pig concept stock" such as Tianbang, Xinwufeng and Tiankang Bio, which were close to the daily limit. Since the beginning of the year, Zhengbang Technology has increased 231.07%, which is enough to stand among the top ten in more than 3,000 shares A. In addition, the share prices of Yisheng, Xinwufeng, Tianbang and Tangren have doubled. From 23 pigs industry stocks, 19 out of this year have been performing more than the Shanghai Comprehensive Index; the pig industry index rose 66.41%. "Pig concept stocks" fly up, here is the pig that flies in the air, I'm going on the ground!

Since 2019, the A-share market has performed an increasing trend with pricing repairs as its main feature. The pricing recovery is generally. From March 8, 28 Shenwan primary industry indices all won positive forms. However, the sector that runs among the top in the earnings list is no more than a blessing with external strength. The 5G concept is thriving, and the electronics and communication sectors are hot. The price and price of A-sharing, and the brokerage sector, have a direct benefit.

However, it is worth noting that the "ground floor" phenomenon begins to look back. Today morning, Langyuan shares "Heavenly Floor" and the money was fled. On February 26th, Eastern Communications also held the "Heavenly Floor" trend. Today, although Langyuan shares have opened the daily limit, this phenomenon is worthy of investor surveillance.

Also worth mentioning is a restriction down NetScience. NetScience Technology, which started on February 21, has doubled its share price of the previous trading day.

In case of Langyuan shares or NetScience technology, a phenomenon deserves attention. After continuous continuous increase, the differences between long and short institutions began to escalate. Judging the Dragon and Tiger data on March 8th, the famous hot distribution distribution center, Guotai Junan Shanghai Jiangsu Road and CITIC Securities, Hangzhou Four Seasons Road, won the first two seats, which bought almost 400 million yuan. However, when selling seats, the two institutions sold 270 million yuan, which is also the first time that NetScience was listed in the industry.

A small private equity investor in Shenzhen said that the shares participating in the NetScience Technology Plus scheme will be charged on Thursday (March 14) and the 240 million shares will be released from exclusion. Come out and look.

3000 points, do not "go away" or continue?

At the 3,000 point mark, investors have pushed for the recovery of the index. After all, the Shanghai Comprehensive Index has raised almost 700 points of 2,440.91 points to 3,219.94 points. However, private settings appear to be more optimistic about market expectations that are more than 3,000 points.

A number of private equity establishments believe that the factors available in the current market are still there, and the trading opinion is generally more optimistic; From the historic downturn, the Shanghai Compound Index has reached about 3,000 points, the market has reached at least a level of balance, currently policy modifications are the most important variables that # 39; n predictable or affecting the market.

According to WIND data, the Composite Index rose by 14% in February, CSI increased by 500%, which raised the 25% GEM. After the GEM-based listed companies fell late in January, a home risk addition was rapidly entering Repair, the balance of both 710 million yuan financially rapidly to more than 800 billion yuan, One day market turnover was rapidly climbing from 300 billion yuan in January to the level of trillion yuan at the end of the month. The cumulative increase in all major indexes in the A-share market has exceeded 20% since the beginning of the year, and the technical die market has arrived.

Ma Cheng, chair of Juze Capital, told the Securities Daily that the Shanghai Composite Index had risen since the Spring Festival and reached a high number of 3,129 points on Thursday. Although there has been a sharp adjustment last Friday, the market has been in the spring. There are several reasons for its increasing momentum: Firstly, the Sino-US trade friction market is over-interpreted, and the index is seriously over-intensified at the early stage; Secondly, it benefits from the impact of financial infection, liquidity is being improved, and the market confidence is restored; At the bottom of the value, foreign currency including MSCI and Shanghai Stock Connect, Shenzhen Connect Connect, has accumulated into significant A shares, which created a significant amount on the index and further boosting upwardness; the index.

Chen Xiwei, a senior private equity person, said that there will be 3100 points very effective in the monthly line. At the same time, 3058 points are also a 5-year average weight pressure position. Usually the level of pressure and the total price will generate a specific tension, which evolves naturally to a supportive objection. Based on current market capacity, it is expected that there will be a great chance of being abused from 3000 to 3100. The downtime will not end so easily.

Chen Xiwei is of the opinion that this round of exciting power comes from the popularity of the money-making effect, leading to the running of reserves, and that the continued endurance makes the entire market index and price increases. At the same time, the market, along with places of the market, including 5G, artificial intelligence, science and technology board theme, etc. will still attract market attention.

Tianxin Investment: The main A-share investment line is coming, and the market is enthusiastic to release it again. According to the analysis, the market has more than 200 stocks daily, and the impact of making market money has been re-used, especially in the recent stagflation category. The help will form a great daily limit. In the short-term operation, we will continue to search for a variety of products with a policy, fundamentally, and a low price to wait for the news.

Yuanda: Last Friday, the market has fallen sharply. According to the previous experience, the market will change styles after each resistance. However, current policy, capital, market feelings, etc. have been different from 2500 points, and the chances of long-term breach are not Large, the season's trend medium-term unchanged, shares A are mainly adapted as short-term increases are too high when collecting large increases, after a negative market adjustment, the market can return to a stable operational position. Given that the current valuation is still low in the long term, the external factor pressure has decreased, the regulatory policy is stable and positive, and market correction space is limited. Currently, focusing on places of new space, technology stocks are still the main theme of this round of speculation, and due regard is recommended. Active, fixed plan, and reasonable control of the situation.

Jufeng Investment: The two cities were rejected trading early on Monday, and the large-scale daily limit of clid grids and venture capital; The financial stocks indicated in the afternoon afternoon of gross sales, but the market's belief was not overwhelmed, and the market in the late market has risen again. After the huge earthquake, the market will slow down the speed of the attack, build a shock box, and the chips will continue up after full exchange. Large currency goes into the adaptation, while the technology stocks remain the most stable main line in the market. It is recommended that investors pay attention to the bottom of the blue chip stocks.

Guojin Guarantees believe that shares will rise from discrimination, and TMT will step into the second half of the counter-payment. Much of the appetite on the current support market is a large part of the "two central sessions", the expected growth of "stable growth, strong reforms", the Fed does not rise Interest rates, the Sino-US trade negotiations have signed agreements, etc., current market conditions have been higher expectations are more adequate, and investors will focus on corporate earnings in the later period, that is, closer to the end of March, the A-share organizational investors will focus more on the A-share quarterly report. In the short term (March and April), Guojin Securities tends to have a "Λ" tendency in the market A. At present, the A-sharing market will not fall overnight. The popularity is still there, and the growth is dominant. It is recommended that institutional investors rise in the market. The situation can be properly managed and can be realized gradually on behalf of the earnings. In the medium term, the A-share market continues to be optimistic. The configuration tends to dominate a "growth" style during the first half of the year, and national gold pushes the "equipment" category of resistance to the economy, such as "electrical equipment, communication ".

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