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State Taxation Administration: Currently provincial, city and county tax divisions have established a leading tax reduction and reduction group | Daily Economic News


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On February 22th, the National Tax System Reduction and Tax Reduction Work Conference in Beijing was held. The meeting was a good study and took the spirit of the Plaid Central Committee and the State Council on the taxation reduction instructions and reducing fees, summarizing preliminary work, exchanging local experience, explaining & # 39; r task requirements, and set the next step. Working. Ren Rongfa, a member of the Plaid Committee of the Tax Administration and Deputy Director, attended the meeting and presented a speech.

The meeting noted that tax cuts and fee discounts were an important political task used by the Plaid Central Committee and the State Council, and the theme of taxation in 2019. In accordance with the list of established tasks and road maps, the national tax system achieved the first stage of tax reduction and reduced fee as scheduled, and achieved the initial results. So far, the provincial, city and county tax divisions have set up a "lead number" lead and reduction group, and issued tax and tax documents and "1 + 4" collection and management publications and # 39; n supports the development of small and micro enterprises, 31 provinces, regions and main autonomous boards. Local tax reduction documents have also been published. In addition, the tax collection and control system was upgraded as scheduled, the statistical accounting was already in place, and supervision and supervision were in operation, which promoted & # 39 ; r decrease in tax and fee reduction policy effectively.

The meeting stressed that the responsibility for increasing tax reduction and fee reduction was significant and the mission is great. Tax authorities at all levels should focus on their work and focus on their work, and take "real" measures and "hard" measures to reduce taxes and fees. Push work deeper.

First, the quality of the statement should be realistic, and the quality of the statement should be fully managed, correct the data, and the first phase of a report should be evaluated. Secondly, the problem-gathering feedback should be true, not only to reflect the "true" problem, but also to "true" to reflect the problem. Continuously improve the quality of problem feedback;

The third is to investigate and investigate, to find taxpayers "pain points", to identify "blocking points" for the operation and work, and to ensure that the "participating" policies;

The fourth is to promote publicity and guidance, strengthen training and advise further, do good work in propaganda and guidance, and design and launch a batch of "bright eyes" and "lively" propaganda products;

Fifth, statistical bills should be difficult, emphasizing the movement of the machine, focusing on integrating data and strengthening impact analysis;

Sixth, the inspection needs to be encouraged to be hard, to complement the responsibility, to strengthen external coordination and co-ordination, and strictly implement the reform;

Separate risk, prevention and control should be difficult, preventing the implementation of risks in place, and preventing the risk of loss of tax;

Eight to discipline the rules, always insist on discipline of the rules in front, and further improve the awareness of the rules.

Ren Rongfa noted that reducing taxes and reducing fees is a huge systematic project that includes many departments, many types of taxation, and many issues. It is very important to play a good part in the overall cohesion in the tax reduction office, especially the general promotion. He asked that tax authorities at all levels should further improve the tax reduction working mechanism and reduce fees, optimize the organizational structure of tax reduction offices, establish and improve performance appraisal mechanisms, and implement the maximum strength for tax reduction and fee reduction . The provincial tax reduction offices must effectively improve their political positions, improve their working mechanisms, and ensure tax reliefs and fee discounts are genuine and hard.

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