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Client Chinanews.net, Beijing, November 15 (Zhang Yuren Siyu) On November 12, NINE PERCENT, the men's team, held a new album in Beijing. As well as the full audience, the number of live viewers reached 15,980,317 online. Approximately 2,663 National Theaters can sit.

NINE PERCENT took part in the launch of the first album NINE PERCENT took part in the launch of the first "TO THE NINES" album held by Tencent Music Entertainment Group. Source: Sponsor's picture

Some people sailed, some people were wrong, some people did not understand.

I must admit that this combination is a special case in the Chinese entertainment industry. They come from different brokerage companies and are pushed with each other by tossing popularity, forming a huge "flow" vortex.

But this combination has their "validity period", and when the time is over, they will return to their respective brokerage companies. Will they like Cinderella who lost a magic, or a warrior in the entertainment round?

Behind the flow: Who is NINE PERCENT?

"Who is NINE PERCENT?" When the Xiaoxin first proposed interviewing this group, some people said they did not know. But when it comes to Gai Xukun, Fan Wei, etc., everyone will suddenly realize, "Oh, this is not the star chosen for that show?"

That program is "Idol Trainee" and is also the first real life show in China.

Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Wei, Justin (Huang Mingxi), Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui (Wang Linkai), You Changjing, nine young people aged 20, who were voted by bakers of vast volumes with their talents. Form the combination of NINE PERCENT.

Source: Weibo screenSource: Weibo screen

Their lives have also had tremendous changes, suddenly disappearing from unclear, becoming the hottest traffic group of the girls running a current star.

Outside the world, NINE PERCENT is rigid. These boys have the same shape – long legs, handsome faces, features of elegant faces, and their smile seems to be exaggerated and tightly unexplained. Immediately.

Source: Weibo screenSource: Weibo screen

But in the eyes of supporters, they all have a different charm, and it is possible to write a thick book by taking advantage of the details.

So, the fans form a spontaneous support group, which has also shared a front line group, data group, copy group, art group, video group, activity group, "anti- black ", etc., only one purpose – to make their love more and more love their own Fire, the star goes smooth.

Since its first, Nine PERCENT's nine members of Weibo fans have added a total of 79.94 million. Among these, Cai Xukun, who has argued at C, has an average of over 10 million interactions per Weibo.

Source: Weibo screenSource: Weibo screen

What is the concept of microblogging interaction? Often the hottest search, a million or hundreds of thousands of interactions. Such data can be met, for a number of artists, and not available.

On May 26th, Sun Zhe, editor of the main magazine "Red Show GRAZIA", micro-bagged sigh: "Feeling the huge power of the traffic group, the pre-sale recalls the light straight away, and they have to launch a new round of sale before, and immediately Light. "

Source: Weibo screenSource: Weibo screen

Behind the brightness: speeding entertainers

Although there are many arguments about the word "flow", who will not go with the data?

In the first 223 days, NINE PERCENT describes the words of everyone, "Rotate, jump, I do not stop".

Source: Weibo screenSource: Weibo screen

For example, the variety show is one file after another, "Happy Campus", "Everyday", "Running Brothers", "High Energy Youth League", "Chinese Music Board" …

For example, in more than two months, NINE PERCENT launched a worldwide trip of 17 fans in 10 cities. Each trip was only one week apart.

The fans of NINE PERCENT meet in Shanghai. Source: Weibo screenThe fans of NINE PERCENT meet in Shanghai. Source: Weibo screen

At the same time, nine people also approved a large number of products, from cosmetics to healthcare products, mobile car games, approvals in a wide range of fields, and more than 50 advertisements.

In terms of music, Cai Xukun, who has argued at C, has released five pieces of music; Chen Linong sang the theme song of the same name in the "Decoding Game" movie; Justin released his single "Hard Road", which released Yan Yan "CHI", which the Prince released "AMH, the devil also has" Unicorn "" NIGHT DA ", and Yu Changjing, who has made a loud singer, sing & Theme themes such as the "Shake" and movie movie "Ying Qing Qing".

NINE PERCENT had argued for a half year transcript. Source: Weibo screenNINE PERCENT had argued for a half year transcript. Source: Weibo screen

Only a small part of it. NINE PERCENT's nine members accelerate the work of a number of artists for one or even two or three years.

Intense working arrangements have once caused some members to become ill and disappeared.

On May 26th, some of the fans supported a short video on the support club's microblogger. Zhu Zhengting hair injuries, Chen Linong's acquisition, poor condition of Cai Xukun, and the lack of physical strength of the prince were all recorded by the fans' shocks. The fans wrote: "Call for reasonable planning and also healthy NINE PERCENT.

Source: Weibo screenSource: Weibo screen

Behind the combination: powder group, powder and different brokerage companies

On Monday's first Li Dong, rarely the nine boys were reopened to take part in the launch of the first "TO THE NINES" album held by Tencent Music Entertainment Group.

NINE PERCENT combination. Source: Sponsor's pictureNINE PERCENT combination. Source: Sponsor's picture

However, only in the morning staff did not come together. As the devil is involved in recording other programs, he can not follow everyone to receive a unique interview with Xiaoxin.

This also reveals the NINE PERCENT workforce side of the portfolio, because there are nine broker members in different companies, general scheduling is difficult.

For example, Fan Li, Justin, and Zhu Zhengting are members of NINE PERCENT and are part of Lehua's seven eldest son group NESAF. The three members have endorsed the group repeatedly because of the conflict.

NINE PERCENT released new albums. Source: Weibo screenNINE PERCENT released new albums. Source: Weibo screen

Another lack is that "Idol Trainee" is a survival class show, all members are initially a competitive relationship, so it is considered that it does not have a "soul group", resulting in a lot of powder (just as one Fans of members).

Despite this, the album sales still all have the red, from the 12th, new NINE PERCENT albums in the QQ music of the Tencent Music Entertainment Group, cold dog music, three platform sales from cold music of almost 8 million.


Behind the lens: eating noodles immediately to harass, sleep into a luxury

NINE PERCENT is the most prosperous CBD in Beijing outside the hotel interviewed by Xiaoxin. However, due to the strict confidentiality of the time and location of the interview, there is no fan in the place and location. At the same time, the brokerage firm greeted in advance, rejecting the media or staff to take pictures with their mobile phones.

So, in the hotel's corridor without a lens, these big boys waiting for an interview can show their innocence.

You Changjing sing, Fan Yan told joke, and the prince was practicing the dance. I do not know who started singing "Gentleman" Xue Zhiqian, and some people started to sing with her.

As Captain Cai Xukun, he did not communicate with the players too big. He and the staff confirmed the position of the players during the interview and then confirmed them again to the players.

Cai Xukun. Source: Sponsor's pictureCai Xukun. Source: Sponsor's picture

When eight people sat on the sofa against the media, they quickly came to Aidou identity.

This time, the reunion, Cai Xukun feels the warmth is still the same, everyone is still very busy, and the other will also greet the work and & # 39 ; r latest tour. "Our nine people have achieved good results, sharing interesting things at work and making friends."

Fan Yi called: "We'll be free free directly." Lin Yanjun revealed that everyone will talk about the experience learned at work and make progress with each other.

Fan Wei. Source: Sponsor's pictureFan Wei. Source: Sponsor's picture

What is the change after the first time? Cai Xukun said he felt his work had changed and his time was overlooked to rest. As everyone's schedule was very full, during the group album recording, everyone gave up a sleeping time, and the diet was very chaotic.

"Now, the noodles are immediately tired." Cai Xukun finished laughing and adding a sentence, "But it is not important, I believe that our effort is worthwhile for our good work."

New description of the MV albumNew description of the MV album

Why did the group release the album in half a year? Cai Xukun explains that everyone has spent a lot of thinking and preparing time on this album, including choosing songs, creating RAP words, as well as recording and producing. Fan Wei said, because everyone needs to carefully choose hundreds of songs and present their own ideas.

Debates: Where does the future go?

For supporters in the rice circle, NINEPERCENT is a traffic group that deserves to be loved, but for those who do not know them, they always use the different methods to "master" the Hot search list, which is an unacceptable phenomenon. .

Supporters of NINE PERCENT meet in Beijing. Source: Weibo screenSupporters of NINE PERCENT meet in Beijing. Source: Weibo screen

Some people are not optimistic about them, because subsequent models of the same model will follow –

One month before releasing NINE PERCENT's new album, iQiyi announced a new "100-season" Trainee "live interview" he said it will be broadcast in the first quarter of 2019;

The second term "Idol Trainee" will be broadcast soon. Source: web page screenThe second term "Idol Trainee" will be broadcast soon. Source: web page screen

The Tencent "Creation 101" men's starter has also been published officially, with more than 90 artists joining. Many male group programs are still preparing …

In view of a group of young faces, can Nine PERCENT nine members continue to stand at the top of the traffic?

Source: Weibo screenSource: Weibo screen

Some people believe that the miracle can not be copied, just like the "super girl" and "fast man" in the past. After the big waves, everyone can remember the original ones.


In any case, NINEPERCENT still thanks supporters for their support. At the interview, eight people repeatedly said they had been thankful for the supporters for a long time, and they all said they would turn words they would like to tell fans in music.

NINE PERCENT released new albums. Source: Sponsor's pictureNINE PERCENT released new albums. Source: Sponsor's picture

For the supporters to wait and accompany for a long time, Cai Xukun said that the best work is rewarding. "We will continue to strengthen the training, be it singing or jumping, or that we can cooperate with each other on the stage, so that everyone can see us for this album. "

Fan Wei hopes that fans can stay with it through time. "I hope you can always accompany me. Just like the name of our song, NINEPERCENT can never be separated from you."

But what about the future? Nobody knows, there's only one way forward. (End)

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