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The 2019 World Law Sports Award candidate, the Portuguese superstar "C Ronaldo" and the "Magic" Croatian Modric, who won the Golden Globe Award, World Soccer and European Player of the Year, has qualified for the Athletics Award Best Men. They will compete with the French Mbape Demon star, Serbian Zokovic tennis and the world champion of F1 British Hamilton. The competition is fierce.

The "Magic" Modric, who won the Golden Globe, World Soccer and the best player in Europe, was nominated for the best candidate of male athletes at the World Law Sports Awards 2019 and will compete with Ronaldo. (Photograph: AFP)

(UK, London, 6th) Lawrence's 2019 World Sports Award candidate, the Portuguese superstar "C Ronaldo" and the "Magic Flute" Croatian Manufacturing, who won the Golden Globe, World Football and European Player Award Year. Both are shortlisted for the best men's athletes award, and will compete with the star Demon Mbape, Serbian tennis King Zokovic and F1 world champion Hamilton Hamilton. The competition is fierce.

He is known as "Oscar Sports", the Lawrence World Sports Awards as one of the most influential sports awards and the only global awards ceremony. From November 27th, 1335 journalists from over 70 media centers worldwide were nominated for the Lawrence World Sports 2019 Awards. 52 members of the Lawrence World Sports Association will vote for the annual awards based on the list of candidates released this session. Winner

The best prize for men's athletes was Roneldo, Modric, the best player in the "grand slam" football world, the world champion of the French French Mbape, Tottenham Hotspur assault in England, the most popular football player. Kane, tennis birthday World No. 1 Kokoji, world champion F15 Hamilton and China was shortlisted by the Olympic Olympic skating shortcut Wu Dajing shortcut.

In terms of the best women's athletes' award, Australian Australian Open Wozni Yaqi champion, Halep, Romania's Romanian, Spanish and Spanish maid champion Ma Lin post, Indian badminton star Xin Hu and Chinese women's volleyball team leader Zhu Ting's short list

According to the practice of the Lawrence Awards in the past, the best male and female athletes are awarded to professional and popular projects such as tennis, golf, F1, track and field, and there is no surprise. The winners are still in the popular projects above. Realizing the Chinese men's gold medal "just a success" at the short-speed short-skating event in the Winter Olympics and cutting the world record three times, Wu Dajing and Zhu Ting who completed the Grand Slam Albert, have the breakdown in very much.

In the 20 candidates for each ruling, the Chinese women's 7-side rugby team came to the best team candidate, with the French World Cup champion, the MLB Boston Red Sox, NBA champion Golden State Warriors, the Ryder Cup European team, The Honda Capricorn team, NFL Super Bowl Championship, Philadelphia Eagles, NHL Stanley Cup Champion, Washington, and Champions League Champion, Real Madrid compete.

Player Zing Benzhi, 15-year-old genius, Japan, and the best rookie candidate, will be his main competitor as the US Open Champion in Japan.

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