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South Korea's new economic sense: a "small but beautiful" industry can be seen everywhere Internet innovation during a shared cycle life


Original title: South Korean's new economic sense: everywhere, Internet innovation is a "small but beautiful" industry in the shared cycle time

Daily Economic Journalist and colleagues from around the world interviewed in the Company of Overseas Investment Week 2018 in Korea

On the ridge opposite Cheong Wa Dae and Gyeongbokgung Palace, the ginkgo leaves have been covered with land, and the maple leaves near the Gongong "Core Silicon Valley" Creation State Economic Innovation Center are completely red. The autumn late in Seoul is beautiful and unique, just as an entrepreneurial and innovative atmosphere of Korea.

From fake technology to technological innovation, major Korean companies represented by Samsung, LG, and SK have become internationally competitive in the last century, making an innovative country in Korea and creating "Miracle Hanjiang".

Under the effect of changing the times and business model, some Korean companies continue to adhere to the common development "patience, refining, and different". 18 innovation centers, such as the Gyeonggi Province Center for Economic Innovation, become the new economic development engine for Korea. The "small and beautiful" innovation can be seen everywhere. However, in areas that emerge as the mobile Internet, South Korea has a lot of space to explore.

"little but beautiful" innovation logic

Chen Xiaokang, a partner of Shanghai Minsheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., has graduated from the Korean University of Korea for about ten years. During this time, he became a practitioner who went to study abroad and became a practitioner in the capital world. It was an indispensable part of a career to go to South Korea to find new projects and invest in new opportunities.

According to Chen Xiaokang's description, South Korea's industry focuses more on "small and beautiful", more sophisticated in basic industrial research, focusing on core technology in new materials, combining a practical application in technology deposition, and thorough and serious in the way things are done.

South Korea's "small and beautiful" innovation culture is also reflected in startup companies. Reporter Daily Daily News met Soohong Park, CEO of Bagel Labs, who makes smart control meters in Gyeonggi Province. After experiencing big company baptism such as Samsung, Soohong Park established a smart regulator company that can read clothes sizes directly. The clothing measurement still takes the manual, and the use of the smart manager will increase 60% efficiently.

Chen Xiaokang said that Koreans will pay attention to the market segmented and use unexpected thinking to get unexpected ideas. This is where Chinese companies need to learn and learn from them.

In addition, taking an artificial intelligence rushing around the world as an example, South Korea's Neosapience company played details of "emotional cards" and wanted to make Nugget a speech assault.

CEO Neosapience, Researcher Kim, told reporters that many companies now have qualified competence in speech recognition, and the use of artificial information technology to combine some voice data into one of the new development trends in the future. On the basis of audio copyright, we work with economic entertainment companies to add emotions to voice and provide more personalized services and different sensory experiences.

These creative ideas have also made great interest to Chinese companies. Li Li, Fan Culture Communication Co., Ltd., came in Shanghai, specifically to see the creativity of Korea in a planning and event entertainment event. De Korea has lots of good ideas for cultural creativity. This time, we have to go to several event planning companies to call cards & # 39; and learn their business experience. "

A mobile internet needs to catch up

Across the country, "entrepreneurship, mass innovation" has become a high frequency of speech that everyone knows. Looking to South Korea, we have also established 18 innovation centers in recent years, hoping to use the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive the new engine.

Among them, the representative "Creu Gyeonggi-do Economic Innovation Center" is located at the Technological Valley Industrial Park in the Banqiao Area, known as "South Korea Silicon Valley". It is also one of Korea's "Economic Bodies" and provides innovative initiatives. Support and encourage the development of the "maker economy". South Korea Central Government, Gyeonggi Province Local Government and KT, Korea's largest communications company, are a joint venture and center, with a focus on providing support for businesses that start Internet and Internet.

Korean entrepreneur told reporters that "The Banqiao Technology Valley" can be described as a business card for Korean innovation. Upon completion in 2015, the representative technology companies that have settled down include KakaoTalk, a Korean chat instrument, and a technology company that belongs to SK.

Undoubtedly, the creative culture has a passive thinking, which has given many cultures of art and entertainment in Asia and even to the world. The "economy created" Korea has begun to trigger much, but in South Korea. Business representatives also hampered correspondents that compared to Silicon Valley and China Zhongguancun, the Gyeonggi Province's entrepreneurial ecology is still in its infants, and it will take time to investigate.

Previously, as a business entrepreneur, Korea's young entrepreneurial willingness was not strong, and college graduates were more proud to go to large companies. However, some changes occur. Many have experience of performing and managing large companies such as Samsung, or professionals with outstanding foreign backgrounds, as well as graduates of newly graduated college, and choose to devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Huang Doudou's graduate student, who is studying in Korea, told reporters that the competition in the entrepreneurial market in South Korea was very fierce. The content of the text of its own team is taken from the operation of the media as an example. Due to low cost Internet genes and cost, it has become a piece of stealing entrepreneurs. Cake

However, in terms of mobile Internet and Internet business models, South Korea has enough space to explore.

One investor who came to South Korea to find new opportunities was worried that there was enough room to cooperate in the field of medical beauty and new materials and Korea. In terms of the innovation of an Internet business model, the creativity of some Korean companies has already had a real case in China. The Korean entrepreneur has offered him an idea of ​​creating a shared bike. The general logic is similar to the Mobye domestic and family.

Currently, Zhu Jianhua, a Chinese lawyer who has worked in South Korea for about five years, felt deep. In South Korea social software, there are similar services such as taxis, trips, and drivers. There are also shared car platforms, but they have not formed a proportion of this type. Economic heat.Go back to Sohu and see more

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