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Shares are rising, and the net inflow of funds in North Wales reaches almost 10 billion yuan – News – Zhejiang Online


The A-share volume has risen really. The net inflow of funds in the north has reached almost 10 billion yuan.

December 03, 2018 14:11:01
Source: China Securities Journal · China Securities Network
Zhou Jia

On the morning of December 3, being boosted by multiple weekends, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets refused, the sectors rose, who raised the stocks. The reserves in the north increased significantly to the communication and fluid equipment. Ultimately, the Shanghai Comprehensive Index reported 2,663.45 points, up 2.91%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 7961 points, up 3.64%; GEM said at 1379.98 points, up 3.81%. Half day turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 276.303 billion yuan. In the industry sector of CITIC, the index of communication, electronic components, home appliances, food and drink, etc. were all more than 4%; In the WIND concept sector, future concept indices, hearing speakers, wireless charging, 4G and broadcasting systems all raised by more than 5%. In terms of individual stocks, there were a total of 3,498 stocks in both cities, which dropped 33 stocks. With the exception of ST stock, over 60 stocks in both cities had a daily restriction, and 2 stocks fell. In addition, FILE data showed that, as midday, the net inflow from north bank funds was 9.548 billion yuan. Among them, the net inflow from Shanghai Stock Connect funds was 6.959 billion yuan; The net inflow from Shenzhen Stock Connect funds was 2.589 billion yuan.

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