Friday , August 19 2022

Share shares of the three large stock index rose, gold stocks rose against the trend in the afternoon – Finance News


  1. The three large stock indexes of A shares were falling back, and the gold stocks are pulled up against the trend in the afternoons.
  2. Share three large indexes through the day down, recover, volume, decline, subject, rotate, accelerate, hot concept, collective demand, Wall Street
  3. A-split three large stock indexes across the board: the GEM index rose more than 2% of 5G and pork concept stocks led both cities
  4. Shares have sold over 600 billion yuan. Do not forget that the bull's market history is five main ones.
  5. Foreign capital opens "buying, buying and buying": the net cash purchase from north to the 16th has been cut by 100 billion on Wall Street.
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