Friday , August 19 2022

Scientific fiction "Alita: Battle Angel" on the 22nd national relief – Xinhuanet – Xinhuanet


  1. Science fiction "Alita: Battle Angel" on the 22th national release – Xinhuanet Xinhuanet
  2. "Wandering Earth" has surpassed the 4 billion mark "Alita" landed on the mainland cinema on Friday, up to 45%. Mtime Time Network
  3. IMAX 3D Version of "Alita: Battle Angel" special team exposure special cnBeta effects
  4. Burn! "The early assault of the piece of Alita piece" "mobile ball competition" as battle angels causes the group of the cruel and fierce Mtime Time Network
  5. Movie video report "Alita": the first integration card of the first beautiful mechanical man "Avatar" and "Sin City" God 20 years of dream comes true Mtime Time Network
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