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Yesterday yesterday, Beijing Savishenko Flower Slip Team short-term trainer gave the Beijing Flower Slip Team a guide at Ice Star Ice in Changping Center.

Picture courtesy of Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau

In the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, German Savishenko / Masot slipped shipping combination program was once behind the best Chinese player Yan Wenjing / Han Cong almost 6 points, but managed to reverse perfect in the loose slip, the fifth while Saavisenko of the Olympic Games finally won the gold medal and made a piece of ice legend. Yesterday yesterday, Savishenko appeared in the middle of the Century Star Age in Changping, Beijing, and gave short-term technical guidance for the Beijing Flower Slippage Team. Not surprisingly, the Beijing Flower Sliding Team is expected to sign a long-term contract with Savishenko next year, which will also become the largest foreign teacher in China's flowering sector.


Short-term guide for the Beijing Flower Slides Team

At 9 o'clock morning yesterday, Savishenko appeared at a time in the middle of the Century Star Age in Changping. First, he led the speed of the one-slide team from the Beijing team, and then gave technical guidance to members of the two-slide team such as Xiao Yu / Zhang Yu. Throughout the morning, Savishenko was rarely.

On the invitation of the Beijing Flower Slip Team, Savishenko came to Beijing on 5 November to provide a two week technical guide for the Beijing team. Beijing team staff said that Savisenko was quite committed. On November 5, Savishenko got off the plane at 6:50 in the morning and appeared on the ice floor at 8:30.

In the past week, Savishenko took the lead to the Beijing team's two-slide, one-slide and ice dance, and ice time was close to 8 hours a day. Although he has disappeared from the ice fleet for half a year, Savishenko slips and disappears have made Beijing trainers stunners.

From the perspective of the Beijing team, Savishenko is a professional professional athlete, and every detail is worth learning. During this time in Beijing, Savishenko was only one day a day, and how much food was small. A cup of coffee, a piece of cake and a banana were solved.

According to the original Beijing team, I hope to sign a long-term contract with Savisenko, but the last commercial performance has been scheduled until March 2019. As well as the Beijing team, the US team & # 39; The Russian team also contacted Savisenko.

"We are primarily about improving the training and training level of philosophy from it. It's very important to spend this concept of the project." Zhou Jie, deputy director of the Beijing Winter Transport Center, on the other hand, also said he had trained the Beijing Flower Slippage Team through Savisenko. The method helps the Beijing team to improve the stability rate and success of technical movements, and more importantly, to improve the artistic expression of the players.

"I'm very pleased to come to Beijing to help. If they need it, I can come along for a long time." In an interview, Savishenko said he liked Beijing very much and is willing to work with the Beijing team. If you can sign an agreement with Savisenko, the Beijing team will go to Germany for training in March next year to prepare for the 14th Winter National Games.


I hope to be the Olympic champion

At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Savishenko / Masott was once 6 points in the short program, and had almost 6 points in the slip, but had achieved a perfect reversion with a 0.43 point advantage slipping. He scored the two new world recordings.

After that, Savishenko / Masot did not participate in any competition, and Savishenko 34 years began to organize life after retirement. Pyeongchang is the fifth Savishenko Winter Olympics, and she is also the biggest spending player in the Winter Olympics. Yesterday, when asked if he had the opportunity to take part in the Beijing Winter Olympics, Savishenko smiled. "If I can not find a suitable partner, I will not continue. But I have a new goal now, that is, Become an Olympic champion." The Beijing Flower Sliding Team team became a first career student train Saavisenko.

"I've been working with the Beijing team for a week. Each of the players has great potential and they will improve and improve." However, Savishenko said that the players had a lot of space to improve. "First of all, I want them to come smoother and more flexible, especially jumping technology. Of course, not just in jumping, but all technical aspects can continue to improve, and it can be better. "

Savishenko was born in Ukraine, his family conditions are not good, and most spend time to practice. Even during his career period, Savishenko has not trained for a long time, and he relied on his own trainer to train. This gives her a unique way of training. "I am an innovative person, I hope to be with the Beijing team. Collaboration finds a suitable way of adapting to them and adapting to me to help improve better technical moves, such as jumping, throwing, and spinning. "

When asked about the difference between teenagers and European players, Savisenko said he was not willing to make too many comparisons. "Every athlete is different. You can not compare it from the country only. What we do not do is according to the players. Features, developing different teacher programs. To be successful , talent is only a small part, and more importantly, you need to do a lot of work, this is a long-term process. "


Skating is a part of life

When Savisenko was on ice, former coach coach Yao Bin had been watching the field. His current status is the Beijing Flower Slip Team Consultant.

"We can say that Savishenko is an opponent and friend. She and my team members, Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo, Zhang Dan / Zhang Wei, Pang Qing / 佟 健 have been fighting for over 20 years . " In the Yao Bin appearance, it was usually normal for high-level trainers to come to the country to train the future. "Today is Germany, tomorrow can be in Japan, and the day after tomorrow is Russia. As long as it is higher, it can be exchanged."

Compared with each other for more than ten years, Yao Bin has a good understanding of Savishenko technology. "Typical strength players, he will always jump every week in his game, and he will stand on the ground. I can stand on the ice floor for more than ten years." Yao Bin said that most players had reached the limit on end of the game. It's very difficult to jump three weeks.

However, when compared to technical aspects, Yao Bin hopes that members of the team can learn the spirit of Savishenko. "It was only 10 dollars from Ukraine to Germany. It was not easy. Everyone looked at them on the field." Which Olympic champions and world champions have suffered a lot later. When he talked to me, he said that you (China) athletes were very happy. "Also, the Beijing team, in addition to the ice training, also hoped that Savi Shenke will tell members of the team about their careers, and he believes this will be a great deal for young players.

This time in Beijing, Savishenko trained not only the small players in Beijing, but also the veteran Zhang Wei who had also participated in the five Olympic Games. "I have something in common with Zhang Wei. Skating is not just a pleasure for us, it's a part of our lives. This is what we have in common." Savishenko has even said that if he did not want to join the Chinese team. Too tough, I will definitely work with Zhang Wei to complete their 6th Winter Olympics.

Although I've known each other for almost 20 years, this kind of collaboration with Savashenko is still very new to Zhang Wei. "The Olympics came to an end in February, and it brought us some new steps, we can also reflect on training. Come out." During the training, Zhang Wei once again showed Saavishenko. " When we did, Xiao Yu was watching next, which also had a lot of room for improvement. "

Thematic writing / Beijing News correspondent Sun Haiguang

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