Monday , June 27 2022

Ren Zhengfei reveals: My wife's marriage certificate is my ex-wife to help me – Huawei Huawei


On 21 May, Huawei's CEO, Huawei's CEO, was not only responding to the US, 5G, Apple and other subjects ban, but also talking about his marriage for the first time. I also specifically revealed my marriage certificate with my wife, made by my previous wife.Here are some of the on-site interview records: t

Reporter: I want to ask a more relaxed question. You drew a family with your young daughter Yao Anna and my mother Yao Ling last year, who was surprised by the outside world. As a father, as a husband, how many points are you giving you your own? How long do you usually spend with your family? Your daughter is studying at Harvard University What sort of work does she want her to do in the future?

Ren Zhengfei: In fact, I'm sorry for kids in my life. My kids were big, when they were young, going to the army and going back home once in 11 month. When I went home, they went to school during the day, did homework at night, then went to bed, and went to school the next morning. In fact, we have no communication and no feelings. The little girl is really very difficult, because at that time our company is still dead, I've been in the company for more than ten hours, or I'm on a business trip, without going home for a few months. At that time, in order to open the international market, we proved that we had not succeeded in pollution in China. We stayed abroad for a few months, and basically the children had little contact and were indebted to them. Indeed, children rely on their own efforts and are very challenging.

When the younger girl is in middle school, she has to dance for 15 hours a week, after she has finished dancing, she can do her homework and rest at night. After university, I basically do my homework until two o'clock with the night. I often do four or five o'clock when I do the algorithm. The child loves literature and art, when she invited her to take part in the social meeting, she discussed with her father and mother that she was going to attend. Because, if the other ways in her life do not go well in the future, it is said that Mum and Dad will block this way. When people get up, they have to follow the family portrait, my first statement is to support and publish our family portrait. My wife thought I would avoid it. I think if I want to support my children, I'm sorry for my kids. She's studying our hard and mastering her own destiny.

Reporter: Can you talk about your wife?

Ren Zhengfei: I have two weddings in my life, three children. My ex-wife character is very strong. In the cultural revolution, he was the political commissioner of the 300,000 Red Guards in Chongqing, he was a great temperament man. I'm a happy person who can't even take part in the Red Guards, I don't have a girlfriend at university, others tell us about it. Xiao Yan ", as well as learning good, the family environment is not good, my father is still in the" bull shed ", how did she see me? The wife has been very gentle and very capable and has been working hard to nurture children for more than 20 years. a marriage certificate of all ex-wife support, and his ex-wife also helps the child's account, my ex-wife is also very friendly with my current wife.

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