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Red eyes! A 18 year old man joined the Augsburg Bundesliga. Previously, Manchester City said he would sign up the next day. This name, Click here, here, here –

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Original title: Red eyes! Deu Korea of ​​Korea joined 18 at Augsburg Bundesliga. Previously, Manchester City said he would sign up the following day.

On December 13, in May, official news of Augsburg Bundesliga, 18-year-olds joined K-League Incheon United, with the team, the time was signed for 4 years, and the price was not disclosed official contract It's worth noting that this is the fourth Korean player who has signed the club. Before the Thousands of Smoking, Special Olympics from South Korea, Zizi, Chi Dong and U17 ratings also played for the club.

In the club announcement, the club's general manager expressed his welcome to the young 18 year old, and unfortunately said Qian Cheng smoked as "the star of the future". For the Korean teens, Augsburg official said the club should be trained for the mil-year-old smoke, and for his next arrangement, after the New Year, he will take the after following the club's U19 passages. Then, according to the real situation, presented to the first team.

To join Augsburg, Qiancheng was smoking to join the evidence, saying that the battle for the Bundesliga has always been a dream, thanks to the club for giving this platform to her Himself, certainly try to accomplish their dreams here, and very happy here. With Zizhe and Chi Dongying, they will also give them advice and support.

Once this news was announced, a warmer discussion was made among Chinese supporters, and even many Chinese fans "blinked". After all, among the current Chinese players, apart from Zhang Yuning, there is really no foreign player who can make a difference, even Zhang Yuning, is only the Dutch team and the deputy player.

However, if only South Korean players are counted, let everyone of Nanping, three days ago, the British "Mirror" media revealed that the Blue Army is very confident, has signed a talented star 20 old in winter window. Tang The Law. Indeed, earlier this year, some of the media said that Manchester City was an interest in teenage Japanese, and that Groningen, who played for Tang, was keen to raise his purchase fee. At that time, the Blue Moon said he was ready to lend Groningen 2 million euros in order to take the player's future ownership, but this offer was rejected by the Dutch team.

So far this season, Don Juan has played 15 times in various competitions about Groningen, helping the team score a score and contribute 2 assistants. At the same time, in September this year, he was selected for the first time in a Japanese national team and scored 1 goal in 5 appearances. And he was chosen for the Japanese Asian Cup. Along with the newly selected nomination list for the Copa Award, Tang Tang's price is also rising, and in addition to Manchester City, Juventus from Serie A and Atletico Madrid in La Liga and many other guys It also appears against this Japanese genius Interestingly. At the same time, it is assumed that the current teenage transfer fee in Japan will also be as high as 5 million euros.

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