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Really big heart! 76ers beat the Grizzlies to win four consecutive wins, Butler's role is further highlighted – heyjude pigs –


2018-12-03 12:39:13 Source: heyjude pig

Original title: A true heart heart! The 76ers spent the Grizzlies to win a streak win four games, and he emphasized the role of Butler further

The main scene against the Grizzlies, the 76ers gave the victory a slip of the hands, facing the Grizzlies anti-draws at the last minute of the game, the 76ers was still able to win the victory, and the 76ers ended with 103 to 95. The visitor Grizzlies defeated successfully and recently won a streak to win four games. For the 76ers, the game is more exciting than the streak's joy to win four games. Especially in the crucial fourth quarter game, the great propriety of the Butler heart, let the 76ers see the future a bright future.

Both Simmons "emperors" scored in the 76ers of the 19-point game, 12 rewards and 6 assistants. Embiid scored 15 points and 14 repeated. The performance of both parties allowed the 76ers to compete. Leads to the fourth quarter at the beginning. But in the fourth essential quarter, facing the difficult Grizzlies, the Simmons and the young Embiid, the role on the court is not as good as Butler.

With only 8 points in the first three quarters, Butler stepped again in the fourth quarter and took over the game. In the face of the Grizzlies revolt, Butler in the fourth quarter, is a person who scored 13 points, especially in the face of the Grizzlies, it will reduce the score to 2 points, with the heart of Butler Performance, helping 76ers to stabilize the situation, especially the two free throws in the last minute, completely spoil the hope of the anti-traffic Grizzlies, and close the victory of the 76ers game.

It is possible to say that Butler is a strong performance in the fourth quarter that did not make the Grizzlies a success. The 76ers have won the number one hero in this game, and they are not a Butler.

Since joining the 76ers, Butler has used his own key performances to eliminate the suspicions of the media and fans, so everyone can see how fortunate the 76ers are to have a Butler on this time. Because of now the 76ers, the only thing that is lacking is that they can stand up to the big heart players at the crucial time, and now Butler is well placed to take on this important role.

At least from the 76ers current situation, after the team had a big key key like Butler, and with the ongoing growth of Embiid and Simmons, I think that it will not take long for Philadelphia to have the opportunity for people. Bring a big surprise to the alliance! ! !

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