Thursday , November 26 2020

Qualcomm hopes that Chinese courts will ban the sale of iPhone XS and XR further

According to the Financial Times, a few days after a ban on the sale of old iPhones by Chinese courts, Qualcomm repeated its bid to further ban the sale of an iPhone XS, XS Max and XR in China.

Earlier, China's Intermediate Fuzhou Court awarded Apple to "be" potentially breaking two Qualcomm patents involved in customizing photos and managing apps, including the iPhone 6S.6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 More and X models that benefit from the above patents will be temporarily banned from import and sale. And right nowAppleAs well as appealing to this, in fact, they continue to sell every model in the market.AppleThis rule is valid only for devices that run iOS 11, and all the models specified in the ban can run iOS 12, so this movement does not break any regulations. However, the Financial Times stated that the ruling did not actually talk about any operational system, but rather clearly identified the specific model, so it can be said that Apple's current movement in the gray area.

Although Apple has actually trampled Qualcomm patents, the court is still waiting. But the pressure of the sales ban may be enough for Apple to consider which will be aligned with Qualcomm. In fact, this patent war was started by Apple. At the time, the company believed that Qualcomm used the market leader's position of the processor and raises the unusual cost of its patents, so he alleged that the war between the two sides spread to the rest of the world. However, in terms of results, governments such as the United States and South Korea have decided that Gymcomm has the advantage of market monopolization and excessive fees on charging manufacturers. In general, Apple is still a party to the current victory.

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