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Presentation App of the Year 2018 Apple App Store


The development of smartphone technology is one of the most important, and the most important thing is to get a large number of applications to help, or otherwise even more powerful hardware is vain. Last December 2018 Apple also released the App Store App of the Year 2018, integrating Apple's camcordes in a number of one-year performances and delivering to make life better and more fun. The following is a public list of everyone to see if you've been using it through the time.

Annual Comment List:

Best iPhone App & Year: Pocket ProCreate
Any level of users can take pictures, sketches and drawings to create ideas.

Best & Year's iPhone Game: "Donut County"
This great indie game makes the destruction much more meaningful.

Best iPad App & Year: "Froggipedia"
Using AR's innovative reality technology, the base of the biological hall is lively and interesting.

Best iPad & Year: "Gorogoa"
The beautiful story book contains complex puzzles, and the gameplay is as exciting as the plot.

Best Mac & Year App: Pixelmator Pro
Offering a wide range of professional image editing tools, anyone can easily get started.

Best Game & Mac Year: The Gardens Between
Puzzle games can also be filled with sincerity.

Best Apple TV App & Year: "Sweat"
Helps women around the world to achieve their body building goals, even if they practice.

Apple Apple of the Year Best Apple Game: Otto Odyssey
The smooth and smooth sandy adventure is particularly impressive on the 4K TV screen.

Annual trend:

Trend of the Year Game: Survival Competition

Annual App Trends: Caring for yourself

App sites and popular games of the year:

Presentation App of the Year 2018 Apple App Store

Free Best Value Sites:

Presentation App of the Year 2018 Apple App Store

I think that many of the above applications apply to everyone's clothing, food and housing, and play an important part in life. If you have not tried it, you may want to spend some time downloading the experience once the list has been released. At the same time, Apple HomePod has also confirmed that it has officially landed in China early in 2019. If you are interested in understanding, you may want to click on it.

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