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Physical examination pack multiple links suggest that additions include a maximum price of pack of more than 60,000 – Question and Answer on Alibaba


Terrorism Pack, Dysmenorrhea package, Ultimate Monitoring Pack … Beiqing Daily Reporter –

Implied pay in a physical examination pack

The doctor in the gynecological exam room asked the correspondent to carry out additional HPV tests at a price of 280 yuan.

The 2017 Health Checking Report of the Beijing Borough was officially announced yesterday. From 2013 to 2017, the number of medical institutions that carried out health checks in the city increased from 195 to 229, including 143 public medical establishments and 86 commercial medical establishments; non-profit medical institutions accounted for around 60%, and non-profit medical institutions accounted for about four. Cheng.

Yesterday, when the Beijing Youth Daily correspondent visited the medical exam market, a number of pack items were found to be quiet, and the price ranges from 100 yuan to 10,000 yuan, even as high as 60,000 yuan. During the medical examination, many citizens have come to address the "temporary additions" situation to stimulate use.

Are these genuinely scientific and reasonable behind these various medical packages? What is the real situation of the medical exam establishments in Beijing? Beiqing Daily correspondent launched an unannounced investigation to this.

Beijing Youth Daily correspondents have organized more than a dozen commercial medical examination agencies and have found that every organization has launched at least 5-10 types of packages, among which packets are female and middle and old age packs and most popular. The price of different medical exam packages varies from 100 yuan to 10,000 yuan, and the highest can reach more than 60,000 yuan. It is more difficult to choose than price a pack with different names, such as "middle-aged anti-stress check", "dysmenorrhea pack", "special cardio-cerebral cancer examination" … and small-scale packages , such as the women's pregnancy package, an ovular monitoring package, and the fear of the pack in his presentation, wrote "testing AIDS syphilis."

For the medical examiner, do you need to check these medical examination items? What are the strange conditions that they will face during the medical examination? In this regard, Beiqing Daily conducted an investigation correspondent.

Unannounced visit

The price of the package is unclear. The "medical examination" is caused by the "additional item".

A few days ago, Beiqing Daily, a medical examination center correspondent, found on a group purchase website, and ordered a special white collar package with a total value of 890 yuan for 346 yuan, and went to the offline outlet near Xuanwumen by the time organized. Undertake an unannounced medical examination. According to the contents of the package purchased by the correspondent, the pack contains 16 items including internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, stomatology, gynecology, blood regime, liver function, renal function, and electrocardiogram.

At 7:30 a.m. in the morning, many people at the medical exam center registered in the information desk. On the back side of the customer service desk, there are three price bulletin boards and a qualification certificate board. However, because the font on the board is too small and can not be seen from the back of the desk, it is hard for customers to see the information at the prices of a specific item on the board. . In the process of physical examination, Beiqing Daily correspondents went to 12 sections, but among the doctors in 3 sections, there were phenomena of use that were stimulated and increasing inspection items.

During the surgical examination, the doctors found in the department that the Beiqing newspaper reporter had a hyperplasia and breast. He then looked at the medical exam list and said: "You do not have a hybrid ultrasound and color ultrasound color in this list. You can have another breast. Color ultrasound to see if there are any notes and tumors, this must add their own fees , breast color over 150 yuan, thyroid color is higher than 120 yuan. "The correspondent found some indication, and the doctor said:" Do not do it? If you do, then put You opened the bill pay the money, and more people will be in a few. "I saw his left hand raising a small list of invoices, holding a head on the right, ready to open the bill. The reporter found that the price of the different inspection items were recorded at the back of the stack of books, in order to keep the quoted price with the customer at any time.

In the process of a gynecological examination, Beiqing Daily an induction method correspondent persuaded more exaggeration. There are three doctors in the examination room. Two younger people have registered in front of the computer, and an old comparator is responsible for the exam. "Oh, you have this disused quirry, you can do a HPV check to see if there is any infection." During the examination, the doctor's tone looked a little too much, and the reporter showed a stunning look, the doctor added. "You have been moderate in this situation. Test HPV to see if there is any human phapillomorosis infection. Can I pay you a payment in the front desk? The normal charge is 350 yuan, give a 20% discount Chi, 280 yuan. "

When correspondent Beiqing Daily agreed to add the item, the two female female doctors responsible for the registration had already opened the list of HPV testing items early and asked the correspondent to pay & # 39; The fee is in the front desk. After paying the fee, the correspondent returned to the gynecological exam room with the medical check form to confirm.

In the Stomatology Department, the same method of persuasion is reappeared. During the exam, the doctor looked at Beiqing Daily correspondent's mouth and found that there was small tooth decay. He also said: "If the tooth is not full, the range of the caries will become larger and larger, and the whole teeth will be cut. From outside to inside, The last thing must be removed, and then the next teeth will have tooth wear. You can do the special convenience now, and it will be repaired in ten minutes. "In terms of the price, the dentist explained: "We are at the price, there are 180, 280, there are 380 and 580. As the woman who went out, it will be replenished in ten minutes."

After a round of inspections, in the 12 individual inspection links, inspection sections and 3 links persuaded Beiqing Daily correspondent to add projects. Finally, with the additional HPV testing costs, the true cost of physical examination of the occasion rose by 346 yuan in the original group bought to 626 yuan, almost doubled.

Is this phenomenon of supplementary inspection common? Beiqing Daily correspondent randomly asked a mid-year woman who paid the fee in the front desk. He said: "I have checked the in-house medication. The doctor said I would like to add an examination item to be a thyroid color ultrasound, and I have to spend an extra 96 ​​yuan." A woman who finished clothes at the gynecological clinic entrance also told reporters that she had also added a thyroid color ultrasound examination as a doctor's suggestion.

On afternoon on the 4th of December, Beiqing Daily responded to a commercial medical examination establishment located at Chaoyang District Fengian Square to see a business and brand license of the name "Some Male Hospital" at the back of the front desk. According to the information on his business license, the investigator conducted an investigation on the official website of the Beijing Municipal Medical Quality Management Center. However, this institution was not found in the list of hundreds of medical establishments approved for a health check.

When correspondent Beiqing Daily offered information about the prices of each inspection, the staff said that there was no price published publicly in the store, presented as a package on a group purchase website. However, the reporter said, according to the "Beijing Health Check Controls" issued by the Beijing Municipal Health Board in 2010, the "Health Checking Service Regulations" issued by the Beijing Borough Medical Center Management Center in February This year is clear. It is proposed that "the medical examination items and charging standards should be advertised, and publicity should be evident in the public domains of the medical exam sites; medical institutions should publish health examination items and charging standards in the public domain of the health exams ".

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In the "Dysmenorrhea Package", I checked the pregnancy. Experts mentioned "excessive physical examination".

In the survey, Beiqing Daily founder found that most medical institutions will recommend medical examination packs that include various professional items based on "comprehensive" and "deep" inspections. However, whether these items are really necessary and the truth The Fit is difficult for consumers to judge. Beiqing Daily correspondent collected some packs and consulted by Wang Ying, director of the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Physical Examination Center, and some packages were found to have oversightened.


"Objection to overlooking a high-end name"

Talk: Deputy Executive Director of Beijing Town Center Management and Improvement Center, and Speech by Beijing Medical Medical Center Qian Wenhong

Beiqing Daily: Currently, the price of medical examination packs for commercial medical examination institutions in the market ranges from 100 yuan to 60,000 yuan. Are these high medical examinations reasonable?

Qian Wenhong: From the current Beijing market, the basic price of a health check varies generally between just a few hundred yuan, basically including basic medical examination items. The difference in the number of inspection items, the methodologies used in laboratory inspections, and the differences between import and domestic reactors will result in price differences. Public medical institutions are operating government prices, and for-profit medical institutions can pricing themselves.

In the health check, with the progress of personal and differential inspection items, the price of high-end packages can reach several thousand yuan. We recommend the necessary checks and oppose the super-examination in a high-end name, such as PET / SPET, which can not be achieved in will, unless there is a clear indication of the risk of the disease, so that it is over 50 years of age and gets a lot of smoking for a long time. Risk assessment of vascular disease is a risk risk to risk, etc., otherwise PET, SPET, etc. should not be used.

Beiqing Daily: Consumers are difficult to judge scientific and reasonable for some professional medical examination projects. What advice do you have? How do consumers choose a medical check package?

Qian Wenhong: Health checks must include some basic items such as measurement of height and weight, normal examination of internal surgery, blood / urine regime, biochemical blood examination, B-abdomen ultrasound and chest X-ray examination.

For the average user, we recommend regular health checks every year. Check chest X-ray, general examination, ultrasound B abdomen, etc. If you have found problems in an exam in previous years, such as thyroid gland, breast nodules, etc., you must check it regularly or go to a specialist hospital.

If the client is suffering from a chronic disease or has a risk factor associated with chronic disease, then some examination items should be added in a targeted manner. For example, stroke screening includes carotide ultrasound and time and protbanbin activity, D-II. Quantity of polymers, Reactive protein C, homocystein plasma, etc. For these professional and detailed medical examination projects, it is recommended that pre-examination professionals, such as hospital specialists, be consulted rather than having general understanding through the query of the network and other methods.

Beiqing Daily: How do consumers judge if the qualification organization has a health check?

Qian Wenhong: A medical institution applying for a health check must submit a written request to the administrative and health planning department that he or she may register. For the candidates who have passed the exam, the registration authority registers "permitting a health check" in the comment column of the "Practical License for Medical Institutions". The Beijing Borough of Medical Medical Management Center's official website can ask for qualified medical institutions information.

Subject / correspondent Zhang Xiaomei


The city carries out flight checks from medical audit institutions

Zhang Ligang, CEO of the domestic private medical examination institute Aikang Guobin, recently disorganized the disorder of the medical examination industry in public, saying that some medical exam centers provided "mock medical exams" and even " false doctors ". "Some of the peers use nurses for fake doctors for ultrasound exams, pump a blood and do nothing, then the blood removal will produce results."

As soon as this comment came out, it immediately caused a wide concern on the Internet. On 5 December, the relevant person responsible for the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission said that the city will be implementing key supervision and limited time correction for the health check organizations with problems, and that they can not meet the basic requirements of Measures Beijing Medical and Medical Medical after the correction. The organization sanctioned its health check qualification and formed a closed access control mechanism of "access-regulation-exit".

"According to the" Regulations on the Prevention and Treatment of Medical Disputes "and" Law of Doctors "and other laws and regulations, medical institutions interfere, create, conceal or destroy medical records, the health law enforcement departments absolute power to investigate, but only if they have to be precisely The evidence proves that the penalty is punished. Currently, Zhang Ligang, CEO of Aikang Guobin, can not be hidden .It does not name the establishment of a specific medical examination, and does not produce definitive evidence, "said the medical industry.

According to Beiqing Daily correspondent, in order to strengthen the control of the health check industry, as early as 2003, Beijing's Beijing Health and Quality Improvement Center for Health and Fitness Improvement established the Beijing Health and Health Committee. Not only did the center control the quality control of a medical examination two rounds of industry standardization and quality control management for the city's physical examination establishments, but also conducting a number of industry audits. Among them, laboratory examination is an important part of a health check. In order to standardize the quality of laboratory examinations of medical examination institutions in the city, in March this year, 44 specialized inspections were carried out on 44 organizations. In August, 32 physical exam establishments were inspected on site. , a blind inspection of 111 organizations. The final flight sampling across the city is currently underway and it is expected that 50 organizational inspection tasks will be completed this week.

Beijing 1/4 young people are too heavy

The overweight rate of the 18-29 Beijing age group is 15.62%, the obesity rate is 8.25%, and the overweight rate is 23.87%, that is, almost all four young people have weight problems. Beiqing Daily correspondent, after collecting, integrating, screening and statistical analysis of the data learned 4.33 million medical examinations in 2017, "The Beijing 2017 Medical Examination Statistical Report" was created and officially released yesterday. This is the eighth time since 2010 that the city has published "The Beijing Municipal Medical Exam Statistical Report".

The Beijing Municipal Medical Exam Statistical Report was published for 8 years in a row. Compared to previous years, the content of the report has recently added a tendency analysis of medical examination data in 2013-2017, showing the service trends of the medical exam industry in Beijing over the last five years and abnormal trends of the physical examination population, and also added the construction of information and Content management as data sources, medical equipment and site area.

In general, in the 2017 statistical report, overweight accounted for 25.32%, obesity 13.15%. Experts analyzed that the characteristics of hypertension and obesity are exposed in the tendency of increasing gradually with age, on the other hand, reaching highlights of 60-69, overweight reaches 34.33%, obesity reaches 17.71% , and an overweight rate reaching 52.04%, ie 60 – Over 69 people in the age group are overweight. At the same time, the starting point is higher and tends to be younger. The obesity rate of the 18-29 age group is 15.62%, the obesity rate is 8.25%, and the overweight rate is 23.87%, that is, almost all four young people have weight problems. .

Last year, the 10 maximum abnormalities in male health checks were: dyslipidemia, fat liver, fatty liver, thyroid nodes, osteophenia / osteoporosis, high blood uric acid, Helicobacter pylori, and higher blood pressure. , obesity, carotid plaque. The top 10 female health check disorders were: hyperplasia & breast, thyroid nodules, dyslipidemia, osteopenia / osteoporosis, hypertension, positive pelicity Helicobacter, fatty liver, cervical fibroid, higher blood pressure, carotide plaque.

From the data and the detection rate of large abnormal signs in recent years, the highest sites can be seen as high risk factors associated with anonymous cellular diseases such as dyslipidemia, overweight obesity and fatty liver. This also reminds the public of having a reasonable diet, moderate exercise, mental balance, and giving up the best of smoking in everyday life. At the same time, it can be seen from the trend of the last five years that the dyslipidemia solution rate is falling, which could be associated with promoting the prevention and management of national chronic disease and fitness engineering activity in Beijing.

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