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Perfect return Ma Long Ping, zero seal Zhou Qihao is free to do anyway, Ochalov played ping-pong network ping-pong – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-21 20:26:22 Source: Ping Pong Network Information

Original title: Ma Long Ping super perfect, zero zero Zhou Qihao loose, Ochalov plays Ping Ping

Today, the Central Channel 5, who does not feel that table tennis does not play, has opened a special live broadcast for Malone: ​​the dragon ruined the empire represents Shandong Luneng Weifang Gaoxin, and 3 -0 Anhui Langkun falls Zhou Qihao.

Malone had been resting for a period of time due to a knee injury and was absent from the Swedish and Austrian Opens. He did not take part in the second round of the ping-pong, which attracted his good return from his players.

Zhou Qihao came from Guangdong. Last year's direct competition, he defeated Malone, causing his friends' attention.

This year, Zhou Qihao came twice to the top four of Open ITTF, Hong Kong and Sweden in China, and the results were good.

When Malone returns, the game is a rhythm. Top score Zhou Qihao is the first game, just 5 points, a little unexpected.

The most straight and smooth in the horizontal board, the prejudice counts the ball completely, I can feel that Malone is today enjoying the game, to achieve the state desirable.

In the final ball of the third game, Malone changed two knives, but it's like Boer and Feng Yalan. It's simple to take advantage of the title "People Artist".

In the first set, Yan An Ziyang was 3-0: 11: 7, 11: 7, 11: 7.

The third set doubles, Zhang Chao / Shang Kun 2 to 0 wins Zhu Cheng / Zhou Qihao: 11: 6, 11: 3.

Shandong Luneng Weifang Club, total score from 3 to 0, victory over Anhui Langkun.

Interesting and brilliant, and creates glory. The League League Tennis League slogan is particularly suitable for Malone.

For Malone, overcoming injuries and extending sports life is the biggest challenge that it faces.

The German singer Ochalov, who is the same as Malone, had suffered injuries this year and his performance was not too good. At 19:30 tonight, he will represent the Jiangsu Zhongchao Cable Liyong Club and once again compete in the China Board Tennis League. The opponent is Sichuan Changhong!

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