Saturday , November 28 2020

People in Shijiazhuang have paid homage to their countrymen on the public sacrifice network – Hebei News Net

  1. The citizens of Shijiazhuang have paid homage to the dead allies on the public sacrifice network. Hebei News Net
  2. The ceremony of the murder of the Nanjing Masquere victims in Taiwan was carried out by Hong Xiuzhu.
  3. The Chinese national women's national holiday of the name "buying some Japanese pressures was surprised"[视频] Multi-dimensional news network
  4. An old man's act in Nanjing on a national public holiday day explains everything (Figure)
  5. China public holiday event event: The new law: "distorting the Nanjing Massacre" is illegal. Voice America America Network (VOA)
  6. Look at the full story on Google News

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