Thursday , January 20 2022

New running score: Apple M1 running Win10 is almost 2 times faster than Microsoft Surface Pro X | OS | Microsoft | Hardware_Sina


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Original title: New run score: Apple M1 runs Win10 faster than Microsoft Surface Pro X nearly 2 times faster

News from IT House, December 6 Latest benchmark test results show that the Apple M1 runs “Windows 10 on ARM” faster than Microsoft’s own hardware nearly 2 times faster. Benchmark tests show that Windows 10 on Apple M1 is much faster than Surface Pro X. Surface Pro X runs the operating system natively and has an 8cx Snapdragon-based processor.

Microsoft developed Windows 10 for ARM-driven devices. The operating system should technically run on Apple M1 hardware as well, but it depends on Microsoft.

IT House reported last week that some developers have successfully run Windows 10 on ARM on Apple M1. The new version of the launcher uses open source virtualization technology to run Windows 10 on Apple hardware. The results are much better than expected.

On Geekbench, the benchmark results of the Apple M1 Mac in the multi-core test are more than 2000 points higher than the Surface Pro X. The Apple Mac mini with Windows 10 ARM scored nearly 5450 points on Geekbench, while the Surface Pro X scored 3113 points.

IT Home understands that Microsoft does not currently allow its ARM version of Windows 10 to be used by Apple, and developers run the operating system via virtualization to get running points.

Qualcomm also responded to these reports and promised that the future generation of Snapdragon will be better. Qualcomm said it is developing tools that are “market competitive” and will upgrade its performance each year.

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