Friday , March 5 2021

NASA Insights hit successfully on Mars | TRT Chinese

NASA Insights hit down on Mars

The InSight crew was launched by NASA on Mars.

NASA announced a statement saying: "To understand and accurately collect the size and composition of Martian's core, Mars internal temperatures, seismic activity, and sensor of this red planetary structure, more than 480 million kilometers after six months of travel. The trip was to land on Mars's face in a safe form. "

The statement announced that Insight sensor had landed on the red star after 6 minutes and 45 seconds to the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The statement added that the sensor, which accelerated rapidly after entering the atmosphere, reduced the impact of a collision with the red planet when opening the parachute, and the sensor came to an end to & # 39; north of March.

The Mars "InSight" search will install the seismograph on the ground to detect "Mars vibration". These vibrations will reveal how the underground rocks have been set up, and these data can be compared to Earth, further revealing the formation of 4.6 billion years of planet formation according to.

The statement goes on to say that the spacecraft will not conduct any research for the first six weeks, and scientists will observe the overall position of insight during this period.

After this time, the sensor's robotic arm will touch the area of ​​Mars and perform a vibration test in the ground for approximately 4 meters from the base within 40 days.

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