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MVP level Guo Shao 46 strength to create a career twice as high to give the best to the competition steals t


Original title: MVP level strength Guo Shao 46 points to create two high career

On the evening of 26th March, Beijing, the first round of the CBA player's finals began. The Liaoning basketball team played against the Fujian men's basketball team. After a fierce competition in double overtime, Liaoning men's basketball team beat the Fujian men's basketball team on 124 to 118, leading the game with a 1-0 leader in the 3-win 5-game series. Guo Lun, the local core of the Liaoning men's basketball team, scored 46 high-career points, together with 12 repayments, 5 assisting and 5 stages, even in the fourth quarter and overtime, the team rose to date. age and contribute two consecutive stages, testing its MVP level. Special strength!

Regular season this season, Guo Ailun played MVP level performance, the data played the most strong term of CBA's personal career, the regular game played 41 games, 23 points on average, 5.8 helped, 4.8 inversion, 1.9 steals, 2 points three Terrorist data. The average score is second only to the men's basketball center Wang Zhelin, and the pressure on Yi Jianlian is second in the local, becoming the first scorer in the CBA domestic back court, but he is the only local helper per game and the team's record is second in the regular season. However, this performance did not lead to Guo Shaoying to the first regular CBA MVP trophy for his personal career! In the voting option MVP, Guo Ailun defeated Wang Zhelin, which was upsetting for many people.

In this game, which faces Fujian's team of MVP competitor, Wang Zhelin, Guo Shao seems to want to prove himself, the fire is fully open in the opening, and scored 12 points in just 6 minutes. During the opening break three combos, which face protection Wang Zhelin, gently on the board to avoid the cover, the feeling outside is too hot, the top of the arc to pull out three points , the bottom corner is pursuing three points and hit again! In the first quarter, Guo Shao scored 14 points and 3 refunds in one quarter.

In the second quarter, the Fujian team strengthened the attack inside and forced the score to close, namely Guo Ailun, who scored 7 consecutive points and then used his defensive appeal, and continued to help in the basket and make dunk. Reached, the score will be re-expanded to more than 10 points. At the end of the first half of the game, the Liaoning team led the Fujian team from 54 to 42 and went into the second half, Guo Ailun scored 21 points, 5 rebound, 5 helped and 1 stole in half .

In the second half of the game, the Contact team's physical strength deteriorated, and the Fujian team took the opportunity to go over the score in the final quarter. Guo Aligned the Liaoning team to make a full-court press The Fujian team made subsequent mistakes.The game went into Guo Shao's favorite rhythm, broke the anti-fraud through the installation and tied the score 2 minutes before the final match. Wang Zhelin made "2 + 1" essential in the 33 seconds before the last game passed. Hudson lost three points Guo Ailun made an offensive rebound on top of Wang Zhelin and made a second attack. Then Guo Ailun went straight to the front. The steals were succeeding, laments and murders, and two loose throws were equal to the score to help the Liaoning team to get into the overtime.

In the first overtime, the Fujian team led the front. Guo Ailun completed a personal break-down break first, and the low Jett singles forced an installation to equalize the score. Then Guo Ailun broke through the Fujian team stealing, seeing the Fujian team launching anti-fraud, Guo Shao flew directly in the van and the place to grab, and Wang Zhelin had caused two throws t loose, 9.6 seconds before the end of the game to help the Liaoning team to lead 3 points. However, Huang Yichao hit three points in the 0.6 seconds corner and the game had to go into the second overtime.

In the second overtime, Guo Shao did not let the victory slip away from his hand. In the case of Zhao Jiwei's crime, in order to limit the Fujian team's inner line, Guo Ailun had to go on to take The game, which first was broken through the killing basket and punished, then faced Jeter's defense, destroying the dribbling continuously, switching to the low hit in the t restricted area, team leader to expand to 6 points, to seal the victory! In the end, the Liaoning basketball team beat the Fujian men's basketball team from 124 to 118.

In the whole game, Guo Shao made 19 of 38 shot, breaking his personal CBA career high 46 points, as well as 12 rebound, 5 help and 5 steals! Not only did he win in "MAP Debate" with Wang Zhelin, but more importantly, when the team needed someone to come forward, Guo Shaoqi started the team to win this vital play victory. Especially in the final game and the essential overtime, Guo Shaofen did not take care of the deadly thefts to help the team survive the game, and finally, they used their considerable success to kill the game! This kind of Guo Shao is the MVP, without the program, blows directly!

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