Tuesday , October 4 2022

Logi Base: The first iPad Access to support charging Char Connector – Logitech Logitech


Logi is a new sub-brand launched by Logitech in July this year. After the first product, the iPad cover broke out, Blok, to achieve good market results.Today, the Logi Base is available for Pro 7.9 / 12.9-inch iPad. The accessory has to make aluminum and has a slippery path and a magnetic charging port for $ 99.99.

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Logi Base is a bit like Apple's charging doc, but it's obviously bigger enough to support the pressures of Pro iPad, allowing you to install your iPad on the board, the kitchen and your bed side board The product is very intelligent to use the iPad's Smart Connector, so when the iPad needs to be charged fully charged, the data cable does not need to be remembered. The only discomfort for The Verge editor is that you need to remove the Smart Cover to use Base.

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