Thursday , July 7 2022

Liu Shishi was born in the past 3 months, wearing red, belly, long-term clothing


  1. Liu Shishi was open for three months during pregnancy and wearing a red skirt and a small belly.
  2. Wu Qilong's mother confirmed five months Liu Shishi: the whole family is very happy | Liu Shishi | Pregnancy Wu Qilong Sina
  3. Liu Shishi confirmed pregnancy. Wu Qilong will be dad – Sin Chew Daily Entertainment
  4. Wu Qilong is 48 years of age father. Liu Shishi will be born in May next year.
  5. Wu Qilong recently announced good news Liu Shishi is pregnant: looking forward to new members of the family | Liu Shishi | Wu Qilong | Sina's pregnancy
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