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Little spirit broke the big case, comedy "action the most detective fixed facts" December 14th – Entertainment News

Poster "The most cute detective"

Today, the Russian movie "The Most Vigilant" operating comedy today announced that it will be scheduled for December 14, 2018. At the same time, it will release the final posters and trailers of the film, joining the official with & # 39; the Lunar Army in the December movie market, along with the Chinese audience to the happy New Year. . The movie "The Most Vigilant Detective" tells the story of the police idiot crime and the violent son who lives in the soul of the old criminal police. The film has been directed by Alexander Andrijchenko, Sergei Gamash, Andrei Nazmov, Lisa Azamasova.

The small devil broke the big cause, and the armed forces are ready to go.

In the final poster released by the film "The Most Intimate Detective", the little devil's whistle, Vanya, raises and looks smoothly. It seems that the new case has to complete a piece of cake. His body's equipment is also rich and colorful. The professional bullet bracelet is worn directly on it and becomes "dress". The chest police badge is a symbol of the gold pacifier. Not only does the waist possess the standard of criminal police. The holster, there is also … an amount, sweet lie … even less is that the devil wears bulletproof herbs on his body, but shoes are wearing on the feet , and sandals have been covered with blue socks. The baby's identity is clear. What is the reason why there is a criminal criminal and eating milk in one? Why are children who are children and illegally proficient in offenders? Looking closely, the criminal brother of the adults is also tattooed with dragon shaped tactics. Is the typical Chinese dragon pattern suggest that there are many Chinese elements in the movie? Many highlights and films are worth looking forward to it.

Be vigilant with pouting guns

The prison trailer was launched in prison with the old criminal chief police, Herloh, and grand words dragging the rhythm of the story – suddenly, turning the baby's face. As a result, the former criminal police was accidentally injured in the case of transnational anti-drugs, and even more accidental than the injury was the interference to the environmental protection department of the second Oleg cargo police force, more unexpected than Oleg, is Hellomo and the soul really crossed the new son of Oleg! All sorts of strange meetings, so that the tiger cat father must join hands to continue the way to continue to solve the case, the process is naturally exciting, laughing.

It's worth noting that "The Most Cute Police Detective" is a Russian high-quality action comedy film. The operating and comedy elements in the movie have a natural relationship with the Chinese audience. The Chinese audience can also transmit the movie at the end of the year. Enjoy the unique and exciting shots of Russian cinema.

The "Most Investigating Detective" comedy film was produced jointly by the Russian Film Company and the Russian Film CTB Company. It was imported by China Film Group Corporation and published by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., and translated by Changsha Group Production Film Production Co., Ltd. Director of Alexander Andrijushchenko, Sergei Gamash, Andrei Nazmov, Lisa Azamasova play. I'm released throughout the country on December 14, 2018.

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