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Let Huang Zhuang be fighter now. The off-campus training organizations will be withdrawn by the Ministry of Education – News – Global IC Trade Starts Here –

At the Central Economic Work Conference in December last year, the General Secretary, Xi Jinping, made important instructions to address precisely the issues that concern him / her people, focusing on solving outstanding problems such as extra curricular burdens, school choices and large classes, and solving early childhood education. Problem of service.

Almost a year has passed, what is the governance of these hot and difficult issues in primary education? The Ministry of Education held a press conference on 13th December to present the progress of the work.

Lv Yugang, director of the Ministry of Education's Basic Education Department said the country had touched 400,000 off-campus training establishments by December 12 and found 273,000 problem-based organizations. Now it has corrected 248,000, and the correction completion rate has reached 90%.

"In order to promote comprehensive governance, the Ministry of Education works with relevant departments to study and compile comprehensive measures for reducing burdens to primary and secondary school students, explaining the responsibilities of all parties, and forming an effort on the co-ordinated by the government, schools, off-campus and family-based training organizations to promote burden reduction work, "said Lu Yugang.

A Black List of 51 establishments in Beijing

The special governance steps of off-campus training organizations will take place in three phases of February this year. By the end of this year, the central correction of the tackle phase will be completed, and the long-term mechanism will be established next year.

Joint law enforcement has been widely held everywhere. Lv Yugang introduced that the education department would be banned with relevant departments, restricting their legal representatives to undertake training for primary and secondary students, for training without training, non-disciplinary training institutions to undertake disciplinary training and other offenses of the training institutions, and the withdrawal of the market The legal division of the business license abolished by law.

On December 13, Feng Hongrong, deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission said that since November, Beijing has announced a total of 474 whitelists and 51 black lists for off-campus training organizations. A total of 4,782 law enforcement inspections were carried out, and illegal training institutions were ordered to correct 943 times, and 231 training establishments were placed in accordance with the law.

Relevant persons of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission told the 21st Century Economic Reporter that the black and white list will be dynamically adapted. At present, Beijing has also developed an electronic map of off-campus training establishments for the clear distribution of places in the governance process.

In particular, 20 detailed places such as "Crazy Haidian Huangzhuang" have set up a civic level supervisory team in Beijing, which will take two rounds of supervision in the form of "Mingzhi + Visit Announced". At the moment, the first round of supervision was completed, and the second round of supervision will be held in January next year to observe and manage the repayment of illegal organizations.

One of the main points of special governance action is that higher-level teaching can not be exceeded, which is also a difficult point of governance action. Lv Yugang said that some training organizations that have made a name for themselves, indeed, have avoided checks, and changed their faces.

The Ministry of Education uses local professional organizations such as teaching and research, teacher training, etc., and recruits or employs subject teachers and teaching and research personnel to form a stable and high level discipline training class and judge experts. According to national curriculum standards, the Ministry of Education The Training Guide for Disciplinary Training Training in Training Institutions, together with the actual work of local work, is doing good work in identifying subject training beyond & # 39; r pre-standard teaching.

How to manage the teaching content independently developed by some training organizations?

"The independent research and development courses called these institutions mainly reorganize the content of the syllabus, without increasing the number of information points, but only changing the teacher's logic. " On 13 December, an officer from a campus training organization told reporters.

"The content of campus-based training must be governed. The frequency and content must be the same as the age of students, and national curriculum standards are the same. " Lu Yugang Business Herald said 21st Century.

Replace the results of training and choosing schools

The Ministry of Education has also established a nationwide management and unified service platform for primary and secondary student training institutions that integrate regulation, supervision, reporting and service. It has been online and will publish information such as black and white lists of off-campus training organizations.

Feng Hongrong said the registration mechanism for off-campus training institutions in the future will be strengthened, including shifts, content, location, teachers and so on. In some areas of Beijing, an APP monitoring mechanism is being established. Teachers need to load their cards to enter the classroom. If the teacher is not a teacher, they will not be able to go to the classroom. Students also need to flip their cards. If the students on the record are the first year students, then the students in the second grade will not be able to enter.

"The training level certificate and training scores of junior secondary school and primary school need to be unlocked. After the disconnection, the training heat can also cool. Some coaches do not need to take part . " Feng Hongrong said.

This requires compulsory education management at the same time "choosing a school fever". Lv Yugang presented that the Ministry of Education banned small and medium sized schools to organize or arrange joint examinations and competitions with the social training institutions to choose students. The placements have dealt with 446 responsible people and gave an end to the "certificate-only" and "only-certificate" registration behaviors. According to the relevant reporting clues, the relevant locations were directed to seriously deal with more than 10 illegal registration and illegal fees in private compulsory education schools, and were notified.

"Now some local governments are in a position to fulfill their duties, and a situation of people's weaknesses. Registration of compulsory private education schools is neglected, leading to some schools facing & # 39; r whole province and even the best sources of the country. The establishment of private schools should be based on It is not appropriate to solve compulsory education development needs in the examination and approval place, and it is not & # 39; appropriate restriction on the registration register. The practice of hiring a small number of private schools has severely affected the whole educational ecology, "said Yu Weiyue, deputy director of the Ministry of Education's Basic Education Department.

There are also some private schools that have not implemented the "exemption test" enrollment. They have adopted secret exams, award certificates collected, and used the results of training institutions to register students. Even secretary registration sponsorship fees were collected, which not only affected the fairness of education, but also students have exacerbated the academic burden of parents and financial burden.

Feng Hongrong introduced the Beijing president to hold a symposium to make specific applications for registration and out-of-the-job training. At the same time, we will take targeted measures when designing compulsory education registration policy next year, and setting good work in training costumes for off-campus training organizations.

In 2014, the joint registration registration was abolished, and on the basis of cancellation of access promotion in 2017, compression continued with a special type of registration, and more quality grades were released for admission to the nearest school . This year, the proportion of special students who have registered in different areas of Beijing has managed strictly within 4% of the junior secondary school registration scheme in this area, and Special registration will be canceled next year. The six city areas will gradually reduce the number and proportion of resident students who have registered in public schools. By 2020, residential students will be registered at the school.

Feng Hongrong told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald that Beijing will also introduce a policy to improve compulsory education.

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