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"Lafayette" has gone, where does Chanel go? – This, store, earnings, itself – International Finance News

2019-02-25 03:27:14 Source: International Finance News

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虫虫 创意

虫虫 创意

"Chanel mourns the death of Karl Lagerfeld. He has been a creative director of the Chanel bout for 1983 …" The official Opening of Chanel website in China, the first thing that caught the eye was this exciting announcement. In the notice, on blackboard, Karl Lagerfeld was wearing a sleeveless suit, sunglasses with silver hair, and no smile.

Chanel's Lafayette has gone.

On February 19th, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's creative director, known as the "Caesar the Great" in the fashion world, died of 85 years of age. On the same day, Chanel announced this release and announced that Vingin Viard, director of Chanel Creative Studios, took part as a creative director.

For the fashion world, this is an idea. After 12 years of Coco Chanel's death, Chanel's founder, Chanel's brand's vitality was almost down to the bottom. Karl Lagerfeld Chanel rejected in the Coco Chanel stage that hit the brand into an "unexpected industrial situation".

After Karl Lagerfeld has left, Chanel and loyal users are ready for the "Lafayette" period? Can Virginie Viard create Chanel's brilliant moment yet?

Soul character in the fashion world

"Karl Lagerfeld is the soul of Chanel. That can be said without it, Chanel is no longer." On the second day of "Lafayette" death, the International Finance News received a person who had been involved in the business of luxury goods in Italy. "This reporter said at an interview. He said that Karl Lagerfeld had used his" talent "to save Chanel's brand.

In fact, Karl Lagerfeld is very talented. His father is a compressed dairy trader and his mother is a underwear vendor. In some sources, Karl Lagerfeld often remembers that his mother has been wearing and wearing a few sets of clothes every day. If it does not like to take it to a high fashion store. He even asks him not to wear the same clothes as yesterday. Under the image of his eyes, he was delighted to design as he was a child, and often cut down the pictures he liked in magazines.

According to public information, in the fashion design competition held by the International Wool Office, awarded by the Pierre Balmain and Hubert de Givenchy French designers in 1954, Karl Lagerfeld won the 21-year-old cotton category that was selected by Balmain in 1955. As an assistant, I've gone to the fashion industry since then.

The above industry sources told reporters that Karl Lagerfeld's experience has been very smooth. "From the design of several pieces of Chloé in the whole-quarter series, he has been practicing, as being the leading designer of Fendi to sign a life agreement, Karl Lagerfeld has left many industry lives".

However, Karl Lagerfeld is well known to the world, starting with him taking over Chanel.

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