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Kobe has been angry with the book, and the book goes on. Why are you joining the hot search now? – Free information of anxiety

Today the player Jeremy Lin's eagle took pictures of the new "Mamba Spirit" Lakers book and wrote, "Thank you @ KobeBryant for sending me this new book!"

Jeremy Lin thanked Kobe for giving a book

"Mamba Spirit" is the only Kobe autobiography. He personally says and writes himself, and elaborates on the spirit of Mamba. Since the announcement in October of this year, sales have been very popular, and the Chinese version published simultaneously is produced by Tencent Sports, and the Tencent Sports Basketball editor is translated by Huang Wei. It is reported that the book was handed over by Jeremy Lin to send to him by the Kobe team.

Subsequently, "Jin Shuhao Kobe" also went on the hot search on Weibo, becoming a hot topic on social media.

Why are Jeremy Lin and Kobe on the hot search? I'm afraid of starting from a lack of two people –

Jeremy Lin scored 38 points against Kobe and the Lakers

You know, the highest highlight of Jeremy Lin's career is the classic match of Knicks against the Lakers on February 11, 2012. At that time, Crazy Loan's curiosity has spread in the league. Prior to the game, Kobe's opinion correspondent asked Jeremy Lin. Kobe looked upset: "I do not know who Jeremy Lin is?"

Obviously, Jeremy Lin is disrupting Kobe's attitude: "I heard this very angry, so I asked myself to be very aggressive. I have to keep shooting." He played 38 minutes in that game and scored 13 of 23 shots. With 7 assistants, 4 recovered and 2 stolen, the Knicks led to beat Kakers' Lakers, winning 4 consecutive wins, 34 Kobe points ahead of Jeremy Lin also looked worse.

After the game, a good correspondent had interviewed Kobe, let him evaluate Jeremy Lin, Kobe was angry and angry: "It has XX scored 38 points, what else can I say?"

After every time against the Lakers, Jeremy Lin always has a special effort. In summer 2014, the story took a small turning point. The Lakers reached a bargain with Rockets and signed Jeremy Lin. But what I did not expect was that the journey of Jeremy Lin to Los Angeles was much harder than expected, and eventually it came off fierce.

Later, Jeremy Lin and Kobe became fellow members

Jeremy Lin came to the start-up game in the first 20 games of the season. Lakers' record was a mess, only 5 prizes and 15 losses, which made him and the honeycomb season Lakers just started rushing to the end, and Jeremy Lin was replaced immediately by a substitute. Her relationship with the Kobe team manager has always been very easy.

At the last minute of the game against the Grizzlies on November 11, 2014, the Lakers spent 3 points. Lin Shuhao talked the ball halfway. Kobe Bryant Jeremy Lin asked to slow down the ball and pass the ball to him for the final attack, but Jeremy Lin But the ball was passed to Jordan Hill, Hill lost the blow, the Grizzlies went back and succeeded Randolph scored another goal to bring the victory, Kobe Bryant on the bench against Jeremy Lin is astonished at his memory.

Next, on November 23, the Lakers home game against the Nuggets, the Lakers led one point in the last minute, and Jeremy Lin gave the Nuggets to throw for free in a defensive space, the Nuggets 2 threw for no, bringing the game into overtime. Kobe's performance on Jeremy Lin was so hot he was even sure: "You XX give me the best!" Kobe's explosion made the atmosphere very embarrassing.

Kobe is dissatisfied with Jeremy Lin

What impressed me was the game between the Lakers and the Grizzlies on January 2, 2015. It was also the last minute of the game. The Grizzlies had postponed and so on. Kobe Bryant calls on Jeremy Lin and let him fall. Jeremy Lin It seems that I did not realize that at all. In the end, Kobe slowed down and stopped the stop game. After the dirty, Kobe had been shaking his head. According to the Lakers Byron Scott coach then, here is the last straw that overcame Kobe and Jeremy Lin.

She's very curious for Kobe to be a famous in the league. It can even be described in a mean way. Jeremy Lin does not eat this set. In an interview, he was scandalous that Kobe should not marry his friends. Dare to challenge openly to the head of the team in the media, in fact, also cut his own back in the Lakers. Since then, there has been no accident in the development of the situation. During summer holidays in 2015, Jeremy Lin broke with the Lakers who moved to Hornets. After joining the Hornets, he was worried: "I'm breathing the fresh air!"

Jeremy Lin leaves the Lakers

However, in the 2014-15 season nightmare, Jeremy Lin did not get anything. He played alongside Kobe who learned a lot. "I remember it was very detailed. When he was training, his leg training and strength training were very detailed. He knew how to protect his body and pay attention to detail." Lin Shuhao said. "Every time we finish the game, Kobe watches the video on his computer. The player usually sleeps on the plane, listening to music, playing cards, and He has been watching the video I've seen doing this. I also started watching the video of the game after the end of each game. "

Jeremy Lin to Kobe

As Kobe retired from the NBA, his story came with Jeremy Lin on the pitch. This time, Kobe took the initiative to send a book to Jeremy Lin, and Lin Shuhao gave a book on Weibo, which is a gift to a smile. Leaving the past, the story between Kobe and Jeremy Lin must open a new episode.

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