Friday , August 19 2022

Jinchen's long skirt appeared in Milan, producing a unique charm of fashion


On the afternoon of the 20th of February, Milan, the actor Jin Chen was invited to appear in Milan Fashion Week to help the autumn show and the winter. A group of Jinchen fashion gaps was found, and wearing a strip of female pink color was costume. When walking on the bright streets of Milan and day, the intelligent and authentic nature was natural.

On the autumn and winter show 2019, Jin Chen was wearing a long branded skirt with a fresh and natural appearance, producing a unique and charming fashion charm. The beautiful pink striped dress with minimalistic style with high-halogen sandals, the unique shoulder strap design is especially a V. shaped brush. The sweet and fresh composition of Jin Chen is complementing the female dress and a delicate strip, and conflicts with a fashion MAX.

During the trip to Milan, Jin Chen will also be invited to appear in a number of major shows.

[作者:  责任编辑: 袁丽娜 ]


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